April 25, 2013



34 weeks, 2 days. 

My heart races as I dream about holding my little peach soon. 
I continue to pray for her, for me, for our family as we soak in these last few weeks before her arrival.
Join me in prayer, please? 
My head and heart are so excited but I find myself a bit anxious at times. 
Normal, I assuming. 
I'm comfortable enough to ask you to pray for us. 

Our first little peach. 
Geeze, ain't she a GEM? 

Guess whose floors are finished?! 

Ireland has new floors in her room and we have new floors in ours!
This is just the beginning of new in our master but I wanted to showcase the floors. 
Bye-bye pee carpet. HELLO HELLO newness! 
(ps: can't wait to paint the dresser in front of our bed!) 

Here's a sneaky peeky of my new diaper bag. 
These suckers aren't cheap but guess how much I paid?
I'm going to write a post just on my ju-ju-be so hang tight!

This was a segment one of my devotionals this week. 
It was powerful to me, making me thankful for my friendships. 
Friendships should be graceful, filled with authenticity. 
I'm so thankful for those who love me even when I'm not the best friend. I'm happy to love my friends even when their not the best, either. 

Alright, the real reason for this post. I need help! 
The time has come to pack our bags...
This is the list I've been given.
I've added XL undies (per recommendation, ha) and few others. 
Does this list cover it? 
Edits, deletions, additions?

 Wishing you ALL a simple and lovely evening.


  1. You will need nursing pads to go in your bras and nipple cream in your bag (Lanolin is the best)!! The leakage will start shortly after the first meal, if not sooner :)

    You also probably do not need diapers. The hospital should provide them. You can save money and space by leaving yours at home.

    Other than that you are good to go. ll be praying for your family!! Please pray for mine too! I can't wait to see all these beautiful babies :)

  2. I agree with Jaime, nursing pads are a great idea! Also I would bring some snacks and drinks for your hubby so he doesn't have to leave the room to go get something. For baby clothes I would bring two outfits that seem a little different in size (even if they're labled the same) just in case one fits better than the other so baby's not swimming in her clothes:) Maybe a spare bag to bring all the extra stuff home that seems to accumulate (including gifts and hospital stuff). That's all I can think of now, I'm so excited for you!
    Life Alaskan Style

  3. OMG your bedroom!!! swoooooooooon!

  4. Check with your hospital, but mine will have nursing pads...I'm still packing some, though...Guilty. The only thing from your diaper bag I would say you need is a burp cloth and blanket for going home depending on the temps by you...the hospital should also have the rest. If you are breastfeeding and have a boppy pillow or something similar I would bring that too. This is just an extra and not a necessity, but I read some where from another mom that she liked having earrings to wear for the after pics so I'm packing a cute pair of earrings to feel more pulled together. I also packed some snacks for hubby (he will probably eat at the cafeteria but I won't want him leaving every second and it might be nice for you to have something to snack on right after baby is born and you will probably be starving ha ha Our hospital also recommended you bring a pillow for dad too as the hospital ones are pretty bad. We also are bringing a few card games as another mom recommended this to me as her favorite thing she packed. Happy packing!!! It's getting close! I'll be 37 weeks on Tuesday so I'm right there with ya!

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  6. Okay.. first of all.. I absolutely love your posts. I am so happy for you, and the fact that you get to experience motherhood. Its an amazing beautiful experience and your baby is going to have the most amazing mommy in the whole world. Second.. coming from a woman who has had three children, I find myself experienced in the hospital packing aspect as far as what is really important.

    First.. Def bring your BOPPY. Its seriously perfect and will be so nice when you are trying to get baby to latch on. Also bring the lanolin cream and put it on every time after you nurse, seriously! It will prevent bleeding and blistering and its totally safe for baby. Also don't forget to bring socks for the baby. I always just kept my babies in the little hospital shirts while we were there because we had to change them so often while they were still expelling meconium (black tar poop). The socks were great because their little feet get kinda chilly. :) On top of that you wont need pacifiers or bulb syringes. They give you those. And the Syringes they provide in the hospital are better than any you can find in the store so keep those! They also provide wipes and diapers.. so don't worry about that either, take what you can get from them seriously!!

    And one more thing for you. Make sure you get a nursing bra that kind looks like a sports bra.. all you have to do is just pull it to the side, its so much easier that way in the beginning and def more comfortable than the clip bras. I bought two at target recently, and still wear them to bed since I have to wake up about three times a night to nurse, its nice not worrying about where the bra clip is when I as exhausted, just pull and pop. haha. good luck with everything mama. She is going to be so perfect.

  7. Hope your hospital packing is going well and you are enjoying a relaxing weekend! Just wanted to stop by again and let you know that I've nominated you for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!! Woot Woot! Check it out here: