April 8, 2013

Morning talks with God

Filled with wonder I sat in this empty room this morning, praying. 
I found myself imagining and dreaming of what life will soon be like. 
We're in for a roller coaster and I've never been so excited yet anxious waiting in line. 

My morning talk with God this morning was praying that Ireland would be safe, know she's so loved, and that she will have a strong love relationship with God. 
Not because the Bible tells us so, but, it's the only relationship that can truly teach her things like forgiveness, grace, love, and peace. 

My prayer continued that as parents we would grow and be shaped in healthy ways and nurture this little girl to our full capacity. I KNOW we're going to be challenged; my prayer is that we stay close to each other and learn to continue leaning not on our understanding, but God's. 

There was something magical sitting in a torn up, empty room. Although it's a lifeless room now, I'm eager to watch it come quickly to life. 

What kind of emotions will happen in there?
What lessons and trials will happen in there?
How many diapers will we change in here?
What stories and questions and hugs will happen in there?
What will She look like giggling in her crib?

I feel lighter this morning knowing that there's a God who listens to these random thoughts. 
It gives me peace, and hope, and best of all...JOY. 

Happy windy and storming Monday. 


  1. You are going to be such a good mama, I am so excited for you! Happy Monday, it is snowing here...a good day for catching up on all my favorite blogs;)
    Life Alaskan Style 

    1. Thank you Whitney! I'm thankful for your encouragement!

  2. Talks with God are the best. When I got pregnant I used to hope and pray that I would just know what to do! Besides watching other people's kids I really knew nothing about being a mom. But once they set him in my arms, everything just kicked in! It was so natural, being a mom. The first few months are such a magical time (as well as exhausting!), soak it up! You will be great!