April 5, 2013

Natural child birth. YIKES!

As I look around the world it AMAZES me that every single person landed on this Earth by a strong woman who birthed them. 

Sure, it's because I'm approaching deliver shortly but I'm in awe of every woman who has EVER given birth, regardless of how or what method they chose. 

As I'm researching and educating myself further I'm fascinated; I have grown an entirely new respect for all the mamas out there! 

Women are so STRONG!

Now, sit tight. 

"Are you thinking, NATURAL?"

Yes, we are planning on have a natural child birth.

Call me crazy but we're pretty excited about our decision. 

Not that I've EVER been in labor or given birth to a precious bundle of joy but I believe birth is such a personal and beautiful thing. 

We are planning on having a natural birth but let's face it, I'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. 

We have no idea how my body will react to labor and we can only plan and prepare so much. The rest is God's plan and we ain't trying to mess up his ideas!

If in the end, I get an epidural or a c-section, so be it! I still get to hold a precious baby girl and she's not going to care how she got here. 

But, when you ask if we're planning a natural birth the answer is YES! 

We will be delivering in a hospital (not at home) and in a bed (not in water), just to clarify. 

A lot of woman ask, WHY???

Well, why not? 
I don't really have a clear answer, I just know that I want to prepare and try my very hardest. 
I have an amazing coach (MVP) whose willing to educate himself and coach me every step of the way. It's the direction my little heart is heading and I can't really run from that. 
I have no problem with woman who use medicine, EVERY WOMAN who births a child, regardless of how, is SO SO strong. 
Most women say, "You have no idea what you are in for". Well, OBVIOUSLY. I've never done this before, how can I possibly know?
All I do know is that I can't wait to hold my baby and I'm ready for the challenge. 
If I can't handle it, at least I tried.
Pray for me. Pray for MVP. Pray for Ireland. 
We can do it!

We are currently taking classes that focus on a variety of methods that including Bradley and Lamaze. We've both learned A LOT and are really happy we decided to take classes. I never noticed how much I didn't know about labor and delivery. It's quite the process to have a baby! 

I'd love the advice from all the mamas out there who have given natural birth! 
Thoughts on a doula? 
Any thoughts and ideas are welcome. 

Our family is looking forward to this painful and crazy adventure!
Send us your best! (But, not for another 7 weeks at least!)


  1. Well, I can tell you that I ended up getting an epidural with Audrie after about 16 hours of labor. I really did not want to have one, and I beat myself up about for MONTHS after she was born. However, now I realize she was born either way and I am no less of a mother because I needed a break. I think the Hospital and the fact that my husband was deployed had a lot to do with my inability to cope with the pain. This may or may not be true, but here are my thoughts: 1) I was not allowed to leave the bed once I arrrived at the hospital. Every women is different, but walking around REALLY helped my tolerance for the contractions. 2) No hubby meant no coach, and the nurse could not stay with me she had other patients. So I was alone a lot of the labor process. (I wish I had gotten a Doula.) 3) I felt ruched, I got to the hospital after laboring for about 11 hours at home, and I was only 3cm. So they started talking pitocin and other things to speed my labor that I did not want. I was able to resisit interventions and let my body do the work, but I felt like they were in a hurry for me to give birth, therefore I could not relax.

    All of that said, I may have still needed drugs with hubby there, and being able to walk, and not feeling rushed. Who knows? I think Natural birth is the easiest way to go (as far as recovering from the ordeal). I think it can be accomplished with the right support from a coach and your hospital. If you cannot do it don't beat youself up (believe me it is not worth it, and you are right every woman is strong!)

    I am planning on trying for a natural birth again!! I will let you kow how it goes :)

    1. Thanks Jaime for leaving a comment! I seriously don't know HOW you did it alone...there's NO WAY I could do that. I'm excited you are planning a natural birth...I'll be praying for the both of us!

  2. My second was born natural. It included 22 hours of active labor, 5 hours pushing and 3 hours crowning (all at home :)! Yikes. But I would do it all over again, and for longer if I needed to without drugs!! If you have the right mindset, if you prepare ahead of time, if you have a good coach, move around, get through each contraction, pray, pray, pray, and meditate on scripture, you WILL do it! Not try, just do it! I don't like hearing women say rude things like, "you don't know what you're getting into" or the sarcastic "good luck". Drugs in childbirth are a very new thing. Women have been giving birth naturally, the way it was designed for a veeerrrrry long time. Trust your body and trust your God!

    ps- I got an epidural with my first at 8 1/2 cm (not knowing I was that far along). And having delivered both ways, I can honestly say there isn't THAT much of a difference between the deliveries. You still feel everything. But there IS a huge difference in recovery. You aren't all wonky afterward, you aren't all swollen and unable to walk, you can bond with your baby and be alert to do it!

    1. You are a TOUGH woman! 3 hours crowning?! You've got to be kidding me! That's amazing that you would do it all over again...seriously. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I'll be thinking of your endurance. YIKES!

  3. You will do great with childbirth!! I had a lot of friends go natural and they loved that decision!!

    PS Love your new site :) beautiful!

  4. I feel exactly the same way you do! I am planning on trying for a natural childbirth--but who know what this crazy marathon will feel like. I get the same look and question "WHY??" As me and this little man reach 29 weeks--today, I am clearly slowing down and running our of internal real estate. I look forward to reading about how everything went!

    XOXO!! -Lindsay

    1. Woo hoo! We might as well try, right?! Can you believe we are right around the corner? I'm freaking out a little, haha. I'm glad we are in this together and both trying natural. WE CAN DO IT!


  5. I've never had a baby, so I can't say much personally, but as a nurse, and delivering LOTS of babies, when it comes to epidurals, I've really never seen anything gone wrong, and a lot of women take comfort in being able to relaxa bit after being totally exhausted, and mentally they're totally with it after, it's just a few hours until you can get up to walk. Natural can be amazing! My two recommendations would be: a doula for sure and an IV. I've seen a few labors become "more complex" and the moms needing an IV but because they didn't have one to begin with, it was near impossible to get one after being dehydrated and working for so many hours, and when it's an emergency, you don't want to have to be wasting time looking for an IV. You can still get up and walk around with it, they don't have to connect it to any fluids. also, I think moms have had the most success with natural labor when they have a doula. It brings such a different dynamic and having someone who can totally re-focus you is worth its weight in gold. A good doula should be able to not only work with you, but with your hubby to help him, help you :)

  6. I think your outlook is amazing and very realistic. I had my son naturally with no IV or painkillers and it was a really amazing experience. I don't know if this helps at all, but I just never even considered getting an epidural and maybe because of that I just never thought about it when I was in labor, even when my contractions were hard to handle. But I do know there are many reasons for needing intervention in a birth process, and I think the most important thing is to trust God and whatever choices you make during labor and don't spend too much time worrying about it! I am so excited for you, becoming a mom has been so much better than I ever imagined it would be:)
    Life Alaskan Style 

  7. You can do it, I firmly believe that if you put your mind to it you can. I have had 2 100% natural childbirths, no medication at all and with #3 due in July I plan to do my best this time as well for all natural. That being said I also had very quick labour and delivery which I think helped me stick with my plan!!!! I also think that no medication helped it go quickly. I also recommend a doula for the very reason that you have never done this before. They are there for YOU 100%, they never leave your side and they support whatever you want. They have loads of information and will give you every option and pros and cons throughout the entire process. They are there before, during and after. They will support you and your husband and help your husband be as involved as they want to be or take on their role if they don't wish to be as involved. Because everything went so smoothly with #1, I couldn't mess with success and we had the same doula attend baby #2's birth and she will also be joining us this third time as well. Like you said things don't always go as planned but keep your head up and believe in yourself and I think you can do it. I kept telling myself to remember what will come in the end and the pain will not last forever!!!! YOU can do it.

    1. I'm going to repeat your words to myself. Over and over again. i CAN do this.