April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

One of the best parts about blogging is I control my own schedule.
Too busy to write? Who cares. 
Too TIRED to write? Yup. 
Pregnancy brain fog taking over? Absolutely. 

The best part is that's just okay. 
The last 6 days of cyber absence has been quite eventful and enjoyable!
And, it feels good to be graceful to myself. 


I'm trying to get back on track through my exhaustion this morning. 
I couldn't sleep, probably along with most of our country. 
I was standing at recess watching little four year olds play and giggle when I heard about Boston yesterday. 
Why is it we can always remember EXACTLY where we were when we hear devastating news? 
My immediate reactions were most likely similar to yours: confusion, anger, shock.
My emotions that I always struggle with kicked in: fear and anxiety. 
Ugh, I hate those darn words. 
After watching the news later and following the updates closely, I was exhausted. (Partly due to being REALLY pregnant and partly to emotional overload.)
Sleeping was unfortunately still difficult. 
As I woke this morning though I'm searching for how God wants us to handle such devastation. 
Although I believe anger, fear, and anxiety to be normal reactions, dwelling on such is not. 
This I know. 
Today, I'm choosing to allow God's perfect love to cast out fear and to trust in him. 
Let's let his joyful name be praised, amidst the trauma around us. 
Let's fully trust him as we continue to pray and mourn for Boston and our country.

Wishing you a better day than yesterday.

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