April 10, 2013

Stork Stack

Hey there sweet pals! 

My parents recently hosted a family baby shower in California and we received SO many amazing and special gifts. 

This is one that I want to share because I think it is genius! 

Everyone loves getting fun mail, right?

Ever heard of of BirchBox? This is the same concept, but with BABY stuff!

My sister gifted me with a 6 months subscription to STORK STACK
Basically, every month I get a box of 5 items that are known to be excellent quality... and cute!
The first gift set I received was a shower stack pictured below. 
For the next 6 months I'll continue to be gifted...thanks SIS!!!
Lucky for you readers, you'll continue seeing reviews!
So, wanna see what's inside...take a gander! 


1. WubbaNub- Limited Edition Monkey $13.99

2. aden+anais- Super Star Scout Swaddle $25.00

3. BabyLegs- Baby Legwarmers $12.00
A solution to keep the legs warm, year round!

4. Earth Mama Angel Baby- Body Butter $10.95 
I love this stuff already!

5. Sticky Bellies- Monthly Milestone stickers $14.00

6. aden+anais- Swaddle Love $20.00
An entertaining and practical guide to swaddling!

Ain't this a great idea?
I'm looking forward to my next box and CAN'T wait to start using the products on baby Ireland. 
Thanks Sis for the great gift!

Want some advice? 
Go in on this gift with a few friends for your next baby shower. 
The mama will be so thankful! 

I have more awesome gifts to share (like a homemade HooterHider and slippers!)

Happy Wednesday, and 32 weeks to me!


  1. That is such a great gift gift/shower idea! I'm going to need to remember this when my friends start having babies :) Oh...and it looks like we are pretty close in due dates! I'm 34 weeks...2 weeks ahead of you! So fun!

    1. Yay, congrats!!!! It's getting so close for you!

  2. That is a great gift idea! I literally love every single thing in that pack (except the book, because I've never seen it. But it looks amazing! And the paci, but just because my son would never take one!)
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