May 21, 2013

Life this week!

 I lied. 

I thought I'd be posting like a mad woman, being bored, waiting for baby to arrive. 

Welp, I lied. 

I'm not bored and I haven't been posting! 

I am however, anxiously waiting for this little girl to arrive. 

So, what have I been doing?!

Well, my sis and mom have arrived! After a slight scare on Saturday night my Mom and sis decided it's not worth missing the labor and birth and they moved in! Hopefully baby will arrive soon but they will stay until she does (they live in San Diego). We are enjoying sewing, working on the nursery, laughing, cooking, and so much more. I can't wait for the rest of my family to arrive once we know I'm in labor!

We've been doing a lot of walking trying to get baby in position.

Making pillows!

Sewing curtains!


MVP working on his "man cave" on his days off. 

The garage floor is complete (picture to come soon)

I am now 38 weeks... WHAT?

I'll save an update for tomorrow!

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  1. Being a long time reader/first time commenter...I have to ask...WHERE ARE YOU? Did you have the baby? Is she here yet? Plese update :)