May 17, 2013

Padcicles, what?

CAUTION: Continue reading at your own risk!

When my dear friend, Danielle, urged me to make padcicles I had the same response. 


What the he** are those and WHY do I need them?

Giggling, she said I would thank her later and proceeded to advocate for MY hoo-ha.

True friend, I tell ya!

Padcicles are GIANT super adsorbancy pads, frozen, to create comfort for your hoo-ha after giving birth.


Hoo-ha, girly parts, pee-pee, what ever you call it, I'm going with hoo-ha today.

Obviously, giving birth can be quite traumatic for our southern region so I'm all for ANYTHING that will bring me relief.

Here's the recipe!


Super absorbency pads

Witch hazel astringent

Ziplock bags


Open pad, pour witch hazel on the pad. Just enough to cover but not drench the hoo-ha area. Fold pad back up and place in zip-zock. Repeat for as many as you wish!
Place finished pads in freezer safe bag, label as PADCICLES, and place in freezer.

Use after birth when your VAGINA is burning!

From what I hear, these suckers are a LIFE SAVER. 

I'm not looking forward to needing these but I am thankful I have friends who take good care of me.

So, I've tossed the embarrassment and thought I'd share all my resources!
Ladies, your welcome!
Thank Danielle.


PS: The MVP keeps calling them my vagi-ice. va-jee-ice.

The word vag totally makes me cringe.

Not cool, dude. Not cool.

Happy healing for all the mamas out there!


  1. I better get on making some of these! Less than a week til my due date! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm totally with you...the word vag makes me cringe too! :/

  2. OMG I love you girl. Hahahaha. I am saving this to make in a few weeks :-) cant wait to hear your review on them!

  3. I love it! I had the ones from the hospital, but they don't give you many to take home. Great idea!

  4. I have heard it being referred to as "kitty coolers." that's my fave. you are such a beautiful preggo and I am praying for you and you growing family <3

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