May 11, 2013

Retired at 26!

Yes, you read correctly... retirement at 26!

Not REALLY but it sounds cool, right? 

I am retiring my teaching shoes just to put on a whole new pair... motherhood!

This past week was my last official week of teaching... crazy!

I am now starting my maternity leave (doctors orders) just waiting for Ireland's arrival. 

I was so exhausted yesterday I thought I'd wake up and it would hit me. Nope. 

I'm currently feeling super blessed, thankful, excited, nervous, and a little fearful for this new unknown life. I have so many different emotions I almost feel numb to all of them.

Those that are close to me know how emotional I can be... I cry over commercials! However this week, yesterday,  and even this morning I couldn't stop smiling. 

It's hard to feel sad when I know we are making the right decision. Sure I will REALLY miss my students, my co-workers, and teaching, BUT, I know deep within we are making the right choice for our family. That my friends, surpasses all sadness, worry, and fear. 


Thankfully, I ended on such a GREAT week. It was Teacher Appreciation Week (translation: eat way too much junk week)... it was FABULOUS! 
Also my fabulous co-workers hosted a baby shower for the mamas-to-be at work (there is 3 of us!). I felt very humbled and honored to work among such kind ladies!
AND, my parents, co-teachers, and students SPOILED me in saying goodbye. 
It was one of the BEST teaching weeks of my career...a great way to end!

My kiddos from last year came to say good-bye. Hugs, tears, and more hugs!

My thoughtful co-teachers had a sparkling toast and surprise lunch for baby Ireland! 
I will miss them!

We love yoga in PreK. I WISH so badly I could show their cute faces. All eyes are closed and kiddos are taking deep breaths. They amaze me!

I ended my week with gluten-free pizza and MVP making our labor playlist. His playlist title:
Upbeat baby pushing mix vol. 1. 

He made two but one is a surprise for me. 

Ain't he a keeper?!

A HUGE thank you goes out to my MVP. Without him, none of this would be possible. It's not easy for a 25 year old to take on this role. He's willing and guiding our family into this new life... thank you! I admire your courage, stability, and love for us. 
You have always been my hero but now you're Ireland's, too. 
We both thank you and we both LOVE YOU!
Cheers to not new chapters but a whole new book!


  1. Jealous!!

    But, I am so beyond happy for you and I cannot wait to read the new chapters of life to come with baby Ireland :)

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