June 28, 2013

iiley's monthly photos // one month!

iiley grace, 

Can you believe it's your one-month birthday?
It's been quite the month hasn't it, little peach!
It's been such a joy watching you grow and experience new things each day. 
You went from taking your first breath to napping like a big girl in your crib...whoa!
I'm proud to call you MY daughter. 
This month was fairly slow, little newborn. 
You've spent lots of hours feeding, sleeping, and pooping. 
Your toots are louder than your Dads...that's impressive for a tiny girl like you! 
We went to the doctor a few times, visited with lots of friends and family, and took several trips to Costco and Target. 
My oh My... I love you, Ireland!

big hug, big kiss!

(Ps: these were all taken today!)


  1. So beautiful! I love this update!! The photostrip with the green chevron background cracks me up because it looks like she was in a photobooth!