June 13, 2013

Ireland's birth story-Chapter Five!

Chapter five:

The week before D-Day was quite eventful for the young girl.
So here's the run down. 

You read it, She peed herself! 

On Monday morning (one week before D-Day) she woke up, peed in the potty, and comfortably sat down on the couch with her mom and sis. Ten minutes went by when she noticed her shorts (well the young boy’s basketball shorts) were wet. Wet enough to make a mark on the couch! It wasn't an accidental sneeze or laugh pee, there was no peeing sensation. All she knew was that suddenly her shorts were damp, too damp to ignore. 

Naturally since she SWORE she hadn't peed, (it didn't smell like urine confirmed by mom and sis) they all thought that perhaps her water had broken and she had just leaked. YUM!

Trying NOT to be too excited She called the doctors office and they told her what She knew they would, "Go to labor and delivery at the hospital". This time they followed it with, "...and make sure you go to the hospital that you plan on delivering at." 

They put their already packed bags in the car, made a few phone calls, and off they went!

In her little motherly heart she knew that this wasn't the day. Or, She was in total denial that it could be. She checked in, changed into a starchy gown, and was monitored. Baby was sleepy so She drank some water and baby woke up quite well. They checked her fluid and apparently it WAS NOT amniotic fluid, meaning, her water had not broken. 

Translation: baby is not coming; She just peed her pants.

They sent her home and said, "We'll see you soon, though!" This young girl was disappointed!

So that was Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were just "normal" days of contractions, family time, and again, no baby. She was still days away from her due date BUT with the combination of discomfort and contractions it left her nothing but confusion.

Thursday. Oh Thursday, you teased her! 
They needed a break from decorating and house stuff so they walked and chose to go to the mall to walk around before her doctor appointment. The morning was uncomfortable but nothing too wild. As her sister was trying on bathing suits She began to get REALLY uncomfortable. The contractions were much stronger, causing her tummy to point out like an arrow and forcing her to take some deep breaths! She had no appetite, felt a lot of pelvic pressure, and felt like she could throw up or have the runs…

Again, trying not to get too excited She really thought this could be the beginning of labor.

They went to her routine doctor appointment…they did an ultrasound and estimated the baby at 8 lbs! Good riddance! 
She was still in position...good news! They monitored her heart rate and everything looked great. Her doctor said She was still dilated between a 1 and 2 and was 50% effaced. He also stated that She was "percolating" meaning things are gettin' ramped up! Hoping to ramp things up further he stripped her membranes, can you say OUCH?!? 
She knew her doctor was going to be out of town and he commented that he would not be surprised if his partner had to deliver her this weekend. The young girl wanted to cry but tried to remember that God's in control and everything will work out the way it's supposed to.

Thursday night ended with a yummy family dinner, a game of Scattergories, and a not so good sleep. The young boy and girl were up most of the night timing contractions but nothing had progressed.

Friday. Friday She was really sleepy due to the lack of sleep the night before. They went on a long walk, rested, ran some errands, and spent the evening with some dear friends. Still, nothing had progressed.

You still hangin', readers?
She slept really well Friday night (for the first time in a long time). She felt energetic and excited! Of course, She was hoping she would go into labor but well aware that it COULD still be far off. They went on a walk for over an hour. She had ridiculous pressure in her pelvic region but nothing She couldn't handle. She was still having continuous contractions but nothing more than Thursday. They caught some rays at the pool which felt fabulous. The young boy and young girl decided to get a little alone time and went on a Bingo date! Neither of them won but they were happy to get some hubby/wife time in. Her mom and sis met them after and they went to Hangover III. During the movie She began to feel...miserable. The contractions were taking her breath away and were MUCH more painful. She had constant menstrual like cramps and her lower back started to ache. She tried to ignore them, laugh at the movie, and she pretended to the world that She felt FABU LOUS!   

They went to BJ's for dinner but She had no appetite. She ate a small salad and couldn't wait to be home. Still feeling miserable She tried to sleep. At this point She was in so much pain, She couldn't sleep. ANOTHER sign of labor. The young boy and girl tried everything to get rid of the contractions…bath, heating pad, standing, relaxation breathing…nothing worked. They were painful, on average 5 minutes apart, and lasted for more than 10 hours. Additionally, she had lost her mucus plug. The duo had NO sleep the entire night and was emotionally and physically exhausted. That Sunday morning they went to the hospital AGAIN…just to find out that nothing had progressed; she was still at 1.5 cm and she was told by the on-call doctor that She was in early labor but it was likely she could go another two weeks. She cried and went home to sleep. In her head she knew she didn’t feel “right” but was trying not to get ahead of herself…She had many contractions throughout that Sunday night and woke up early Monday, May 27th to an exciting surprise!

To be continued...

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