June 11, 2013

Ireland's birth story- Chapter four!

Chapter Four:

And so the extraordinary journey of pregnancy began for these young expecting parents. They delighted in sharing the news with close family and friends and couldn’t help but chatter about “the baby” all the time. They had their first ultrasound at 5 weeks, which unfortunately couldn’t confirm a pregnancy. There was signs of possible fertilization but no yolk sac or baby yet. This caused tremendous fear and worry for the couple. A week later, life existed in mamas belly…there was a baby! They learned to trust God, pray a lot, and battle the first trimester blues. The young girl was very sick, exhausted, and had a few horrible migraines. Pregnancy was bittersweet! Second trimester was a dream for the couple. Morning sickness had disappeared, her energy was back, and her belly was certainly showing! The couple was beginning to renovate the house to prepare for baby…their baby girl! They enjoyed the smiles from onlookers and the random belly touches from strangers. The blissful pair were still in disbelief that they created a baby and were soon going to be parents…it was an exciting time for the duo! In the second trimester they had a Huggies and Chuggies Diaper party, honoring the Dad-to-be. They revealed her name…Ireland Grace! They continued to pray for the baby's health and growth…they enjoyed looking at the “What to Expect” growth charts each week. Third trimester began with quite the scare…the girl began having contractions…lots of them. Enough to go to the hospital several times and eventually at 31 weeks was put on medication to prevent pre-term labor. At 36 weeks the doctor took her off medication and began monitoring…allowing the baby to come at any time. What an exciting thought for the couple! It could be any day now! The young girl happily stopped working at 37 weeks…feeling more uncomfortable than ever…feeling VERY ready for baby Ireland to arrive. Family and friends showered the mama with a lovely baby shower in April. At 38 weeks and a few false labor hospital visits later the soon-to-be mama was frustrated trying all the wives tales to induce labor. Life felt pretty surreal for the couple…they could hardly believe the pregnancy was nearing an end and their beautiful baby girl would soon be making her debut! Family had arrived and this boy and this girl were eager to welcome their daughter into the world…now it was just a waiting game. And their story continues…

 Stay tuned for days before birth and part one of LABOR!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, I stumbled upon your blog at the end of pregnancy. Although my little one is 8 months old, birth stories never stop fascinating me!

    What I really want to know if how on earth do you get the words over your pictures? Did I miss the App 101 class or something?? :)