June 18, 2013

Ireland's Birth Story- CHAPTER SEVEN!

Chapter Seven:

The epidural experience began a bit frustrating for the young girl. You see, the rapid contractions didn’t take an intermission so she could get the epidural. While feet dangled and her back hunched she eagerly waited to feel relief. Still feeling the agonizing pain the words “we might have to re-do it” just about sent her into a worse panic. While watching the machine peak high and low the young girl stared into the eyes of the young boy and wept. Wanting to support her desire to go natural he did, never faltering or discouraging her hopes.  Secretly he hoped she would seek intervention hours prior; watching her in pain was torture for him. Regardless of his emotions he stood by her side supporting her through each and every breath, each and every hour. Together they waited for the pain to dissipate…

The whole room took a huge sigh a relief when the first contraction she could see but not feel lasted three minutes long. At last, the young girl and young boy could relax. With out a doubt in her mind, she was thrilled she received intervention. Once fearful of regret and disappointment she regretted nothing! The once avoided delivery room quickly filled back up with smiling family…and a new nurse. 

 (right after epidural)

The Pitocin drip increased again, with out a worry this time. Although hoping for a worry-free delivery from this point onward, the young girl was asked to use an oxygen mask. The young couple was told that the baby’s heart rate is a bit concerning and she needs more oxygen. They were told that the cord must be wrapped around her somewhere…it could be her neck, foot, arm, they weren’t sure. So, they chose to watch the baby through an internal monitor. Thankfully, the young girl couldn’t feel anything besides pressure. For hours they watched the baby, checked the young girls cervix, and increased the Pitocin due to the slow progress. The young couple was exhausted…beyond exhausted. They wanted to rest but found it difficult with all the activity in the delivery room. Around 10:00 pm the not-so-friendly night nurse asked the young girl to start pushing. With little direction from the nurse the pushing lasted two hours with no progress…leaving the young girl extremely fatigued and more discouraged. The young couple needed a break…physically and emotionally they could not continue. The lights went dim and they rested for a short 45 minutes. The lights quickly returned and the pushing began again. It was now past midnight, with no progress. Dr. Martin confidently entered the room in flip flops and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. With a smile and one glove he sharply looked at the young couple and said, “We need to get this baby out!” With eagerness the young couple trusted their doctor and felt he was there to save the day! They were approaching nearly 24 hours of active labor and were READY to meet their baby girl. Dr. Martin was precise and experienced in his work…he was born to deliver babies! The young boy stayed close to the young girl’s face, encouraging, talking, coaching, and kissing her head. Her sisters and mom traded holding legs, all voices encouraging the young girl. The not-so-friendly nurse held the other leg and Dr. Martin stayed at the bottom coaching everyone with such direct, motivating guidance. At the young girls request, Pitbull was played, making it Dr. Martin’s first delivery to Pitbull!

Since it had nearly been 24 hours since the young girls water ruptured, it was critical for the baby to be born. Dr. Martin had told the young girl that meconium was in the fluid and that the baby would have to be suctioned once she was born; he warned her that the NICU nurses were going to be present during the delivery to provide immediate care to the infant. 

The pushing continued in series of three big breaths. Some pushes were excellent and some “sucked” as the doctor told her. The room was eager, excited, tearful, and so supportive. Around 1:50 am Dr. Martin told the young girl that he would give her 10 more minutes to try by herself and if the baby didn’t come he would have to use the vacuum…the dreaded vacuum. The pushing mama was relieved that he was willing to try the vacuum prior to cesarean but she was feeling completely void of all energy. Ten minutes passed and there was no baby. Dr. Martin explained that he needed to do an episiotomy in order to use the vacuum and at this point the young girl didn’t care, she just wanted the baby OUT. With the use of the vacuum on the baby’s head and the continuation of pushing with contractions out came the head!

Pushing had to stop because the cord was wrapped around the baby’s head. Dr. Martin quickly unwrapped the cord and continued coaching. Luckily the mama didn’t know this and none of the spectators told her about the cord… some things are better left unsaid. The excitement was electric at that moment. She knew, He knew, everyone knew that within minutes the moment they had all worked so hard for was almost there. The pushing continued, Pitbull occupied the background, and EVERYONE was cheering in the room!

At 2:10 am baby Ireland Grace Gums was born and laid on the chest of mama. The new Daddy happily hovered over his new family with emotions words can’t really depict. With love in their hearts they gazed at each other and fixed their eyes on the new beautiful not-crying baby in their arms…

The new family enjoyed the bundle of joy for a short 30 seconds before she was whisked away by the expected NICU nurses. Still in the room baby Ireland was suctioned with tubes down her throat and nose. She began making small noises, not a roaring cry yet. Whispering nurses alarmed the mama leaving turning her joy into complete worry. The words “let the mom hold her before you take her” was frightening. Take her? The mama new something was wrong. After another short 30 seconds the NICU nurses said they were going to take her to check to make sure everything is okay. Through streaming tears Baby Ireland was wheeled off and the new Dad followed close behind.

(watching the NICU nurses suction baby I.)

(Holding baby before she left for the NICU)

The moments seemed eternal while waiting. Dr. Martin was busy at work for over an hour delivering the placenta and “repairing” the mid-third to fourth degree lacerations caused from childbirth. The new Daddy was sending messages to the new mom reassuring her that baby Ireland was fine and she had beautiful blue eyes.


Ireland Grace was taken to the NICU because her breathing was irregular and she had lost her color but upon arrival the nurses said, “She doesn’t need to be here, she looks great!” They took her to the transition nursery, gave her a bath, and watched her for a short time.

Around 4:30 am Ireland returned to the now quiet delivery room healthy, happy, and ADOREABLE! She was finally here and more beautiful than EVER! She weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 20.5 inches tall.

The young boy and young girl are ever so grateful for their journey that began long ago against the Pacific breeze. They are ever so thankful for their love, their marriage, and their answered prayers to have a baby.

Now, the story of the imperfect marriage continues between an imperfect boy and an imperfect girl who are now delighted to be imperfect parents…

They are looking forward to many new chapters ahead!


Welcome to the world our precious 
Ireland Grace Gums! 

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  1. tears are streaming down my cheeks! so proud of you girlfriend. you are my hero! thanks for sharing those sacred moments. love you. xo

    1. Thanks for reading! I miss you...we need to catch up!!! I can't wait for you to experience's magical!

  2. Thank you for sharing! She's beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  3. what a beautiful story! thank you for sharing. I am actually a new reader within the last month or so. I love reading your blog posts and these last few have definitely left tears in my eyes. congrats on your new bundle of joy, baby Ireland is beautiful! and btw you look great, considering you just had a baby! excited to continue reading!

  4. Your story has been the absolute sweetest to read! If my future baby story is even half as happy as this, I would consider ita success...totally in tears for you right now!

  5. I am gulping back tears, "She is beautiful, I can't stop staring at her". Katie I am so so proud of you and feeling so much joy for you and MVP. I can't believe I will have a similar experience in just a few weeks...what an honor from the Lord it is to become a mother!!!!!! PS love that your doc wore a mickey mouse t shirt hahahaha!

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