June 13, 2013

Ireland's Birth Story- Chapter SIX!

Chapter Six:

“MVVVVVPPPPPPP”, said the young girl, shakily, “Come here!” The young boy put his glasses on, and rushed to find the young girl standing in front of the toilet with a puddle of water on the floor. “I think my water broke…for real this time.” She was scared, actually. She did NOT want to go to the hospital again unless it was the REAL DEAL. This time in her heart she KNEW it was the real deal. He comforted her, woke her Mom and sister, and together squished in the bathroom, they all decided this was in FACT her water and this baby was coming today (well they thought!). Praise the Lord!

The young boy was efficient and comforting this early morning. The young girl was excited, in pain, and anxious…she knew her baby girl was on her way! Her sister heated up a gluten-free pancake for the young girl and they quickly showered, made phone calls to family members, and packed the car…for the final time. The four stood in the kitchen, arms wrapped around each other, and prayed.

It took one tiny swab to confirm that her water had in fact broken. The couple was ecstatic and could not believe TODAY was the day they had dreamed about. For so long they discussed where they would be, what day she would arrive, and what she would look like. This was it!
She was admitted and moved to a delivery room around 6:00 am. Contractions were noticeable occurring every 3-4 minutes but the couple was running off adrenaline and enjoyed taking pictures, laughing, crying, and preparing for the events ahead. They showed the sweet nurse, Brittany, the birthing plan and discussed that She wanted to try natural. Her mind was set; she wanted to know what labor felt like. Because the young girl was B-strep positive they started an IV with antibiotics and asked her every medical question possible. She changed into her gownie and the young boy and young girl hugged through the contractions. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was about a 4…that didn’t last long.

After two hours the nurse checked the young girls cervix and she was STILL between 2 and 3 cm. Needing to get to a 10 and showing no progress the doctor wanted to start a Pitocin drip. Knowing Pitocin speeds up contractions and makes them stronger, she was hesitant, but agreed. She had read horror stories about Pitocin and the pain but was hoping she was an exception…

Her hopes were crushed when the contractions became so intense she was shaking, moaning, screaming, and crying. In the room were her mother, sisters, and husband. It was too extreme for anyone to watch…or listen. The young girl clung to her husband. He was her rock, her coach, her shoulder to cry on (literally), and her encourager. Her sisters and mother took turns applying pressure to her back, suggesting different positions, holding the heating pad, and serving up ice chips…they too were amazing supporters! The contractions were about a minute apart lasting 45 seconds-two minutes and were so intense the young girl almost passed out. She labored all over that delivery room! They tried and tested multiple positions, desperate for comfort but found nothing. The nursing staff continued to monitor progress and continued to up the Pitocin levels because she was not progressing. After 10 hours of labor and only at 6 cm the young girl was considering giving up. The young boy and girl were exhausted; they were both in tears. The young boy hated to see her in so much pain, he felt helpless. He continued to kiss her, move her, and massage her. Her support group continued to encourage her and the charge nurse came in and “took charge”. She tried to assist through the contractions, rubbing her feet and thighs. They were too strong! The young girl lasted three more hours, totaling 13, before she was checked…again. Unfortunately, she was still at 6 cm. Those last three miserable hours felt worthless. Between the contractions the young girl said goofy things like “I’d rather kiss ET” and “I’d rather get shot in the face again!” They all giggled, lightening the mood…slightly. At this point the young girl didn’t care anymore about going natural…she realized the only reason she was continuing to go natural was for everyone else, not herself. Through sobs and clenching fists she asked her husband if he would be disappointed in her. Through tears himself he squeezed her ever so tightly, said he was so proud regardless, and he made SURE this was what she wanted. She begged and pleaded for the anesthesiologist, her mind was made up. It was now dark outside and the nursing staff was changing shifts. The anesthesiologist entered the room bringing the heaven sent gift of an epidural…

To be continued...

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