June 10, 2013

Ireland's birth story-Chapter three!

Chapter three:

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” the young girl screamed on the phone with her sister. “I’m PREGNANT!” Feeling overjoyed, nervous, excited, and shocked the 25-year-old girl shook as she stared at a positive pregnancy tests. While the young boy was at work, not having a clue what he was about to come home to, the young girl raced to the nearest Target. She picked up a few more tests, just for certainty, and a UNLV Rebel onesie to surprise the Dad-to-be. Conversations between the couple lately were mostly about house things such as paint colors and decorative pillows. Needing to think fast she decided to tell him by asking which paint color they should use for the nursery and she hung the new baby onesie in the closet. While sitting in the soon-to-be nursery the girl eagerly waited for the garage to open. Replaying what she wanted to say in her head she awkwardly waited in the empty room…The boy raced in the house, not because he was suspicious but because his bladder was full and he had to PEE! “hiii hunny! I’m in the den”, she said with a quiver in her voice. “I have to pee sooo bad, I can’t hold it. What are you doing in the den?” He ran to the bathroom and began to pee with the door wide open. She began to stumble over her words, not expecting this “moment” to be told over a toilet bowl. She mentioned something about paint and the closet but the awkward stumbling of fast words and nervousness gave it away. “Are you pregnant?”, he said while urinating. “YES!” Although she dreamed of this moment being a bit more enchanting, he finally finished the eternal jet stream and without washing his hands grabbed the young girl and squeezed her. With tears in their eyes they hugged and touched her belly in that empty room.  She excitedly displayed the pregnancy tests and they quickly began discussing all things “baby”. Although that moment wasn’t expected to be told the way it was, they still laugh today. That day was the beginning of a new chapter, the growing of a baby they prayed so deeply for. They new their lives were about to change and this young boy and young girl were ever so thankful for the journey ahead…

To be continued...

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