June 7, 2013

Ireland's Birth Story- Chapter two!

Chapter Two:

This boy and this girl were untamed when it came to traveling. International travel excited them, gave them something to look forward to, and bonded them as a couple. After all it was a 5-month backpacking rendezvous to Europe that confirmed their desire to marry. So it seemed natural to save and plan for a one-year anniversary 8,276 miles away to the exotic country of Thailand to celebrate their wonderful yet imperfect marriage.  And so they did. They frolicked with tigers, sipped cocktails on crystal clear beaches, nearly died renting scooters, tasted and cooked ethnic foods, and toasted to many more years building memories together. Soaking in the gorgeous infinity pool, umbrella drinks in hand, staring at the Andaman Sea on the coast of Phuket, the freshly tanned couple spoke of starting a family. With nerves and wonder they spoke of life with children, when they were ready, fears, worries, finances, and everything else that comes with starting a family. Their glasses clanked as they secretly and giddily decided to officially start trying at the end of August, a month after their return to the States. And so they continued their journey in Thailand, rafting through forests, riding elephants, making friends, and holding hands (and their bags) through the local markets never forgetting their exciting potential adventure ahead. They returned to the states, bought a house, and in secret began trying for a baby. Thailand was more than just a magical holiday; it was a pivotal moment in Ireland's story that turned talk to reality. Being young, scared, and nervous in prayer they clung to each other knowing fully that if it was in God’s plan, like the rest of their story, then God would plant a little growing seed.  And their story continues…

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