June 5, 2013

Ireland's birth story...Chapter one.

Chapter one

Once upon a time there was a troubled young lady, ripe in her late teens, anxiously praying on the edge of the Pacific. In desperation to heal from a broken heart her prayer was to find love; love for Jesus and love for a future mate. She began dreaming of what life would be like…her proposal, her wedding day, the birth of her first child, all with this mysterious boy who unconditionally loved her. Deep within she knew…she knew at that very moment he was experiencing life separate from her, but one day, their paths will cross, sparks will soar, and her dreams of sharing life will swiftly become reality.  That day, on the perimeter of crashing waves, she prayed for HIM. She prayed for safety, wisdom, and compassion for HIM. The Bible taught her to ask, so she requested and prayed that God would intently listen. She wanted a trustworthy man with love, humor, a relationship with God, desire for adventure, acceptance, patience, and humility. She ended the prayer with a P.S. “P.S., God this might sound silly, but, if he could be tall, dark hair, green eyes, and athletic, that would be perfect.” And so this all-powerful God intently listened, as she asked. With a lingering memory of her prayer this young girl went to college, experienced some wonderful highs and sickening lows. She learned to be broken…and most importantly learned to heal. Then, one late June evening in 2007 the clock was done ticking! He and She aimlessly began their adventure that unknowingly began on the edge of the deep-sea years before. Three years later this tall, dark haired, green-eyed, athletic man asked for her hand in marriage on the edge of Ireland’s most beautiful coastline. With exciting chills down her spine she knew that God was real, he listened, and he had delivered…exactly what she had asked for. Creepily exact. With cold wind in her face, hands shaking, and a wild smile she eagerly said YES. And just like a flash of lightning, an imperfect boy and an imperfect girl exchanged rings in front of imperfect family and friends; they vowed to not strive for perfection but to be devoted, loyal, loving, and patient towards each other…forever and ever.

And so they were wed, becoming Mr. and Mrs. Gums near the ocean tide that July day. And their story continues…

To be continued...


  1. your wedding pictures... I am swooning! Cant wait to read more!

  2. Beautiful story! It gives me hope that God will send me the man of my dreams. Excited for part two!