June 12, 2013

Ireland's photoshoot..sneak peek!

Hey ya'll! 

It's been one of those mama days in which I didn't brush my teeth until 2pm, I have spit up down my back, and the kitchen sink is full of dishes. 

So, chapter five of Ireland's birth story is still in progress...forgive me!

Even though adjusting to mommyhood is challenging I LOVE this sweet little peanut. There are countless times I stare at her late in the night and wipe tears away; I'm struck with amazement at her tiny features. I'm still in disbelief that she's mine...she's ours. While it's exhausting, it's magical and SO worth it. 

Here's some eye candy to hold you over...

I'm swooning over all these special photos...I can't WAIT to share the rest with you!!!

In the meantime take a peek at my lovely photographers website! 
(we have some exciting news to share with you on the full post!)

I think it's Wednesday, right?

Happy Wednesday!

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