June 3, 2013

Precious moments

I'm cuddled in sheets with a sleeping babe next to me and my husband on the other side. Im blogging from my cell phone... watching them sleep brings me joy from my head to my toes. This last week I've been continually challenged; I've learned so much about perspective, love, worry, and humility. I am so in love with my baby, and my husband but have a better, stronger, richer love for God. I'm so humbled by his gifts and even more his creation. I often wonder how people don't believe in God. Babies are too intricate, miraculous, and delicate to be anything else. I'm exhausted yet filled with wonder...Emotions and feelings that i never knew existed have been unlocked and it is a beautiful awakening. This is just an unexpected quick post but I look forward to writing more this week. The MVP goes back to work tomorrow (nooooooo!) so I will be keeping busy elsewhere! Birth story to come... Get excited!

Here are just a few pictures from the first week of Ireland's life! She has her second photo shoot this morning. I can't wait to see the results! Also there is a sneak peek of the nursery!


  1. Sweetest baby girl! I am with you... with the daily miracles He provides, how can people deny God's existence?! I am really looking forward to hearing her birth story!

  2. What a BEAUTY!!! She is sooooo lovely and perfect! CONGRATS!

  3. She is such a beauty! The nursery looks amazing can't wait to see more pictures and to read her birth story! So exciting! And I'll be praying for you with your hubby going back to work!
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