July 10, 2013

Big announcement!

Pretty exciting, huh???

Our first "episode" is still in the works (we haven't quite mastered how to record), but it will be coming to your ears quite soon!

What questions do you have for us???

We're not committed to any certain style AND could possibly fail after one episode but we're pretty stoked to test the waters. It's our new date nights. 


Many of you reached out yesterday after my quite emotional day. 


It's comforting knowing I'm not alone and worry is something all mothers struggle with. 
You'd be happy to know that today I'm feeling much happier and tear-free!


Our little family is jet-setting tonight to SAN DIEGO!
Please be advised that their may or may not be many posts for the next week.
Follow me on instagram (katiegums) and twitter (akupofkatie) for trip updates! 
We are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary!
bow chicka bow wow!

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

Send us your questions! 

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