July 27, 2013

Creamer Run!

There's nothing worse than rising on a Saturday morning only to realize you have NO CREAMER. 
Well, for me at least that's a recipe for disaster. 
In this case, it was a recipe for a wonderful Saturday morning. 
The babe woke around 6:30 to feed so I was already awake and feeling desperate for a cup of joe.
Stumbling to the fridge only to find a few sad drips of creamer sent me into a panic. 
So, I strapped on my running shoes and decided to make a creamer run...literally!
Daddy MVP and baby snuggled warmly in our bed as I got an early sweat session in. 

It was SOOOOOOOO pleasant muting the outside noise.
Gospel music sang in my ears creating a fast pace jog and a very fulfilled heart. 
Half way through I prayed for a song to speak to me.
"Why worry when you have God on your side?"
True dat.
Why worry?
It was refreshing to run and left me feeling alert and aware; running is a world that has been put on hold for quite some time now.
And, I got my creamer. 

I came home to a smiling babe in our bed and a handsome hubby in his towel. 

When I leaned over to kiss my little peach she greeted me with this smile. 

It's been a wonderful morning. 
We have a choice to be aware and alert to all the blessings surrounding us. 
Want to pay attention to them with me?

Here's to alertness TODAY...cheers!


  1. what an awesome reminder! :) And there is nothing better than a nice morning run!

  2. We've been following each other on twitter for a while (I think through Amy? - mama2cocobean), but I just haven't ever checked out your blog before! Just happened to click today when I saw your tweet and read through your past few posts. Hello there, exactly what I needed to read today! I've been going through some things lately and have been working at giving up control and trusting God when things don't go my way, so several of your posts were great reminders. Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to let you know that your posts spoke to me and I look forward to coming back! :-) -Katie (Katiepie7 on twitter)