July 19, 2013

San Diego VACAY!

This vacay was full of little surprises. 
I was so calm and very contemplative this trip...unexpectantely. 
I witnessed so many little blessings that I would usually disregard; it felt so refreshing and effortless. 
Read the captions for the gooood stuff!

See this man with the shopping cart? My Dad (talking to him) bought him lunch. He didn't boast about it or even mention it to my family. He calmly walked over to the homeless man and asked him what he would like for lunch. As he ate his lunch my Dad sat in tears; he was so humbled and grateful to be able to help. As his proud daughter, I witnessed soooo much goodness just watching. Yes, I'm bragging about my Dad because he leads our family in so many ways. It's an honor to watch him give so willingly and lovingly. You know how they say that children's little eyes are always watching? My little eyes were watching, Dad. Thank you for being so everyone. I can only hope I can lead my children simply by doing, just like you. While he was helping this man, my mom was on the phone with an old friend. This old friend called my mom, distressed, and needed someone to talk to. My mom talked to her and I know, provided comfort and prayer. It says a lot when someone trusts you and calls you even though you haven't talked in years. My parents are pretty awesome. 

How cute is my niece!? 

Chia seed juice. YUM. 

We had a sisters girls night! My talented sis, Kelly, made a delish braised tuna dish. YUM!!!

My pops. He's taken, old ladies!

Oma and iiley. So sweet. 

He's kissable. 

My precious. Thanks Melissa for the cutie outfit!

Coronado beach riding. 

My purty mama!

iiley's first plane ride!

Opa and iiley. <3


Our 2nd anniversary was on the 15th! (can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!)

Our pier. Check out my instagram for some mushy gushy captions for this one. 

My Tom Cruise. He's taken, too!

Four generations of LADIES! 

We celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. 

You know you visited with Oma when you go home with German chocolate!

Lady in lace. 

Check out my instagram for this sweet caption. 

So excited about the GLUTEN FREE stand at the ball game. Apparently their are only 3 stadiums in the Major League with GF. I'm LOVIN' it!

We dated. ended with poop. 

Although last year we vacationed in Thailand, baby Ireland LOVED San Diego. 

Thanks for joining us as we relaxed!
I'm off to make some spring rolls...wish me luck!


  1. It looks like you guys had an absolute BLAST!!! beautiful pictures! Your dad sounds amazing :)

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