August 1, 2013

A little bit of vulnerability

Hi friends. 
I've been an intense craving for a wholesome blog post lately, partly for myself but also for others. 
Lately I've been overwhelmed with people reaching out...just to tell me they are inspired by my writing.
It's been so humbling and surprising!
If you are one of those...thank you. 
Your words are changing and mean more than you know. 
I swear, right when I question blogging somebody out-of-the-blue writes me a kind and encouraging email or tells me they feel moved by the things I talk about. It reminds me that I write for a purpose.
I love writing and sharing but I often cross examine my intentions and motives for sharing. 
It's a healthy vulnerability yet sometimes a scary one, too. 
I often pray that God gives me the right words and uses me as a platform; if I'm going to blurt my life publicly I want it to be purposeful for myself...and others. 
It's a consistent question for myself but one that always ends with...keep writing.
So this week it's been on my heart and I've been praying about what to write about. Today I read this bible verse:

"But more than ANYTHING else, put God's work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well." -Matthew 6:33

Reread it. Pretty powerful, huh?
We all want things for ourselves. That is normal and natural, and in my opinion, it's okay to want. However, are we putting God's desires FIRST? I found it ironic that I was praying about what to write about today, and this verse was loud and clear.
It was a good reminder for me when it comes to blogging and social media. Not every post needs to be about God...that tends to push people away, and it wouldn't be a true picture of me. But I do long for every post to come from a place of sincerity, honesty, and passion. There are things that I want for my blog, which is okay. BUT, am I coming from a God-fearing place?
It feels good to question because it keeps me alert. 
You should know that blogging is a vulnerable place for me.
Thanks for being a supportive audience to my sometimes scary moments. 
I'm glad I stumbled upon that verse and I pray that YOU, whoever you are and whatever life you live, find answers in that verse. I pray that you don't feel forced out of fear to do right but that you long for a better, happier life and THAT motivates you. 
The more we give the more fulfilled WE feel, right?
I'm going to continue praying that I put God's work FIRST. I know I need to ask and listen more intently. 
Anyone want to join me?
The awesome part? 
"The other things will be ours as well." 

Blessings to you, today.