August 9, 2013

Adding happy with black and whites!

Thanks to a dear friend, blueprints and I became BEST FRIENDS. 
Blueprints, huh???

Yep. Take a gander. 
(forgive me, I used my iPhone :/ )

See the LARGE black and white beauties on the wall? 

The prints cost me LESS THAN 10 bucks! 
I picked my pics, sent them to Office Depot as a blueprint, and BAM. 
Then I bought CHEAP gallery frames at Hobby Lobby (I waited until they were 50% off!). 
The size of the two large prints are 22x28 and the smaller ones are 18x24. 
These would be perfect for a nursery or bathroom and look GREAT with just one big one. 
Guys, it's a cheap and AWESOME way to add happy with black and whites to your home. 

Happy to us is our sweet Ireland, Halo, and well...TRAVEL!

MVP and I laid them on the floor BEFORE placing them on the wall. 
(he did all the math, go figure!)

WARNING: They are pixilated but it don't matta! 
If you look closely the picture on the right is very fuzzy and pixilated. HOWEVER, when you stand away or have them on the wall, they don't look pixilated at all. So don't fret!

Here's a mini panorama of mi casa. I ALWAYS feel like my house still needs work but we're making headway! Pretty crazy that MOST of this is hand me downs, huh? 


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