August 20, 2013

Fantasy Football!

Alright ladies, listen up. 
I've hit the jackpot with this one!

If your husband/boyfriend/significant other is a CRAZY sports fanatic raise your hand. 
My lovely, sweet, and handsome MVP is annoyingly OBSESSED with sports.
I knew when I married him that sports would be a part of our lives... 
I didn't realize it would be a DAILY part of our lives. 
Regardless of how many "talks" we've had about not watching the TV screen behind me at the restaurant, flooding the tivo with preseason meaningless games, ignoring me in the ninth inning, spending hours in the mancave, on the phone or computer setting his fantasy lineup, watching basketball youtube videos, I've learned his love obsession with sports will NEVER change. 

I've come to terms with accepting his love obsession for sports, I have no other option!
So ladies...listen! 
If I took away his first love (sports), I'd be taking away a HUGE part of him.
I'm not willing to be the "nagging wife" constantly. 
As much as it drives me CRAZY it's oddly one of my favorite things about him. 
I love seeing him passionate and if sports are his passion, I can handle it.
More than that, I can ENJOY it. 
So, lessons arguments over the last 6 years have taught me to DIVE IN the sports pool, right along side him. 
I find myself secretly watching ESPN solo or listening to sports radio, just so I can impress him. 
I ask silly questions during games and he finds that cute, somehow. 
We've come to enjoy sports together; sometimes I'm actually shouting louder! 

But this year marks a first for me...FANTASY FOOTBALL!
I've watched him study year after year his "lineup".
Truthfully, I never understood the hype or how the dang thing worked. 

I participated in my first, and not last, fantasy football draft. 
Can the season just start yet? 
I'm so pumped! 

Here's my starting line up!
(all photo credit goes to ESPN)

Introducing team BEND & SNAP!

Colin Kaepernick
San Francisco 49ers 
(fun fact! I went to college with Colin...he came to our house several times! He might remember me but we are not in contact. At least I can say I've met him!)

Ray Rice
Baltimore Ravens
Running Back

Trent Richardson
Cleveland Browns
Running Back

Victor Cruz
New York Giants
Wide Receiver 

Eric Decker
Denver Broncos
Wide Receiver 
(he's cute!)

Jimmy Graham
New Orleans Saints
Tight End

Darren Sproles
New Orleans Saints
Running Back

Stephen Gostkowski
New England Patriots

Patriots Defense 
(photo credit:

So, what do you think of my team, gentlemen?!


Clearly, Ireland hasn't dived in yet...

Feeling overwhelmed while studying....

THE draft board...

Pizza break/he looks drunk but isn't face.

Last but CERTAINLY not fantasy football FASHION!
I tried to sport the high bun, casual jean look. 
I topped it off with a light lip gloss and of course, my new midi ring. 
(I'm obsessed with my new midi!)

Well readers, wish me luck! I'm excited for this season and hope my team kicks some major a**!
Have a GREAT Tuesday!


  1. Looking good! My 1st year for Fantasy was last year. In the past I'd roll my eyes and say " Nerd Alert" anytime the topic of the fantasy league came-up, now I'm all in. Draft is next week :) Team Lindz-Sanity!!

  2. hahaha Team Bend & Snap! Love it!! I've never done a fantasy league and Cullen hasn't either, but we certainly enjoy some college football together! Good luck!!

  3. haha I loved this -- great line up!! Also, Eric Decker is my NFL crush, partly because he's on the A team (broncos!!) haha so important to understand your sig. others passions (obsessions) cough cough -- and find a way to enjoy it! Can't wait to see you pretty!

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