August 29, 2013

iiley's monthly photo shoot // Three Months!

iiley grace, 

Sometimes when I hold you, it feels like I've known you forever. Do you know that I dreamed about you ever since I was a little girl? Your auntie Melody and I used to play baby dolls ALL THE TIME. I knew from a young age that I wanted YOU and even more than that, I knew I'd be absolutely in LOVE with you. These three months have FLOWN by! Watching you grow has been SO FUN. Your smiles melt your Daddy every night when he comes home. You started to giggle! You are such a happy baby!
Becoming parents has been the BEST gift we've ever had.
Look how cute you are!
This month we had lots of play dates, went to our first yoga class, did our first fantasy draft, cleaned, went to church, met knew friends, and played a lot! School started but not for MAMA! I'm loving being home with you everyday. We are blessed, sweet peanut. 
I pray for you many times a day, iiley. 
I love you. 
Happy three months sweet peach! 
Love love love, mommy

ps! Thank you Mrs. Mackin for these adorable leggings and head band! I LOVE THEM!

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  1. She is the sweetest! I love the pic of her playing with the pearls in the outtakes. Too cute :)

  2. I can't stop looking at these pictures! Such a doll! :)