August 30, 2013

Let's talk TRAVEL >>> Bar-Chel-OH-na!

Good morning!
First and foremost Happy Wedding Day to Katie and Mark! We are super excited to celebrate with you tonight! I'm looking forward to exchanging my "mom-wear" for "a night out"! Makeup? What is that? Plus, MVP in a bowtie...I go bananas! 

Now now, on with the "Let's Talk Travel" series. I'm loving reminiscing on our travels. Featured today is BARCELONA! 
I keep saying "bar-chell-OH-Na". 
Man, I miss it. 

Being the largest Metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, an unusual combo, Barcelona is rich with culture and busy with pedestrians. The entertainment is endless; nightlife, museums, restaurants, historic sites, and beaches are only a few! We did one of the hop on, hop off was well worth our while! (other than the fact I was SO tired from backpacking that I passed out!) MVP said it was "awesome". ha. It's a great way to see most of the city highlights in a short and affordable way.
Some must sees?
 La Sagrada Familia, the beach (keep in mind they are topless), and Catalunya Square. 

And most of MUST order some tapas and Sangria...There ain't nothin' like it!
We pretty much ate and drank our way through Barcelona and don't regret one Euro spent! 
It was date night every night in "Bar-chell-OH-na"!

We stayed at two different hostels, one was HORRIBLE we left the next day, and the other was WONDERFUL! 

If you need an affordable but PERFECT place to stay in Barcelona check out Urbany won't regret it!

See this first picture on the slideshow? HA. That was our night train and our teeny tiny cabin. Believe it or not we had a Michael Jackson dance party in my my fondest memories from our backpacking adventure. It's crazy to think we weren't even engaged at that time and now we are married with a baby. 
I feel so blessed. 
MVP, I didn't think I could love you more as you mastered Michaels moves but somehow, I DO!
You're still my best friend and favorite travel partner!
We're looking forward to one day returning to Spain!

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  1. Ah, I spent 3 lovely days in Barcelona and would just love to go back. Love that place.