August 24, 2013

Let's Talk Travel >>> Sorrento, Italy

Go get your coffee. 
Sit comfy, take a breath.


The peanut is sleeping, the kitchen is clean, and MVP is at work. 
It's a quiet morning. 
I'm sipping my half caf coffee staring at our travel books propped on the birch coffee table. 

Why don't I talk about travel more?

I feel it's pretty transparent that we have an obsession but why don't I share more?
I shall start! 
I often receive reader emails asking the details on our international travels which tells me that people view myself as a good travel resource. 
We talk about our global adventures all...the...time in our household.
We are currently planning our summer 2014 holiday but we aren't ready to reveal the location...mostly because we haven't chosen it yet, ha. 
It's in works, and this traveling mama is counting down!'s my idea! 
I'm going to start featuring a new city or country each week. 
I'll show pictures and give you the highlights of each. 
I'll choose places I want to go...and places I've been! 
Would you like that?

Let's get started!

Featured city...Sorrento, Italy.

Three words for you: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

This southern coastal masterpiece is vivacious in color and bloated with culture. 
Grab a short boat ferry to the stunning and overpopulated tourist island, Capri, or to Amalfi, Postitano, or Ischia. You won't find white sand beaches rather stony bluffs that are worn from the Tyrrhenian Sea. We casually banqueted with the Italians eating some of the best pizza and pasta Italy has to offer. 
Home to the limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, our guest house host greeted us with such authentic deliciousness. Keep in mind we were backpacking and only planned on staying two nights, we quickly extended it to three. 

Here is a small blurb from my old blog on our travels in Sorrento:

"That same day we ventured to sorrento. We didn't arrive until 11 pm or so. It was a CRAZY adventure to find our hostel but it was well worth it. It's a bed and breakfast and it's adorable. We are in sorrento now in the middle of olive and lemon trees looking at the medittranean sea. Our room is so cute! We are staying three nights total. Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. We stumbled upon a secluded beach area and loved every minute. We jumped off rocks into the sea and found a rest right on the edge. It was so beautiful and adventurous!! Now, we are waiting fpr our ride to take us to Capri! We are going to the blue grotto. If you don't know what it is, google it. We've heard it's amazing and are excited to explore! Tomorrow is a long day of travel. We will pass through Naples, go back to rome, pass through Pisa to see the tower and by nightine be in Florence. We will be in the Tuscany area for about 3 days. That's the plan now but the schedule keeps changing so who knows. Gotta go! I promise to blog better when I have an actual computer. The people, food, scenery, and lifestyle has been such a blessing to experience. We still can't belive we have 20 more days before Ireland. We've only been I'm one country and still have 5 to go! Praise god, he's incredible! I pray everyone gets a chance to experience something like this. Thanks for your patience! I life is findiing everyone healthy, happy, and safe!" 

Reading this makes me miss the exciting rush of travel. Since I'm not dining on the sea at the moment, writing about it is satisfying my craving. 

Here's some pictures of our time in Sorrento and Capri!

I hope you enjoyed the first of many cities in the Let's Talk Travel Series
I'm super excited about this!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love your new series! And love Italy! When living in London our first European getaway was to Amalfi. Love. Love. Love.

  2. So awesome! I am currently working to make travel less of a dream and more of a reality for my husband and I! Love that you and your MVP are so adventurous!

  3. Beautiful! And it looks like an amazing experience. I can't wait to visit Italy one day :)

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