August 28, 2013

Mommy and me YOGA!

My sweet peanut and I attended a "Mommy and Me" yoga class. 
We loved it!
I had to hold iiley most of the time but hey, we did it!
Remember when I posted about prenatal yoga?
READ HERE if you didn't catch your laughs with that one. 
Lucky I didn't have quite the funnies but it was FUN!
Mommies, if you're interested in this check out Belly Bliss.

Meet Remy and her mama, Kaylee.

This was Tummy Time when we got home. 
She's lifting her head much better!

 Today we are doing her 3 month photoshoot! 
Follow me on instagram for a sneak peek! 


  1. you are seriously the most fun mama! wish we live near!

  2. sounds like fun! love the pictures, so cute!

  3. Cute! We had so much fun with you girls, can't wait for next time!! :)

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