August 7, 2013

My Favorites!


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My {insert synonym} things lately!

Okay ladies! Listen up. Remember my post on how to download the YOUVERSION app? Click here if you can't remember! After you download please join the She Reads Truth devotionals. She Reads Truth is a WONDERFUL community for women who are seeking a stronger and deeper relationship with Christ. Not sure if you believe in God? It's still worth checking out and networking with other women. Right now we are studying women in the's awesome!

I've been glammin' it up with MAC Pink Nouveau lately. I usually go for RED but I feel this is summery and well...GIRLY! 

Okay you coffee fanatics, brew this! It's become my afternoon pick-me-up even though it's decaf. The SMELL...oohhhh the smell!

These babies are on sale at Target for 12 bucks! I love the spandex on the inside. Why didn't I buy more?!

Whole foods sells this delicacy for joke! Who would pay 18 bucks for almond butter?! Good news...Costco sells it for 6.99! I'm slightly addicted. No. I'm SERIOUSLY ADDICTED. 
Give me some gluten-toast and I'm SOLD. 

Fresh flowers just speak happy. 
I bought the cheapest "filler" and strategically placed little pieces in little jars. 
Every where I go...I'm happy. 

What are some of your favorites lately?!

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  1. I'm definitely going to have to find that almond butter!