August 22, 2013

Storefront Deal >>> Our New Sponsor!

Ladies and Gents, please help me in welcoming our new sponsor...StoreFront Deals!

They are a new daily deal site that features handmade and boutique items. They just opened on August 1st!

A note from them: 
We team up with top notch sellers to bring you quality items at a low price.  We love handmade and small businesses and we work to promote their awesomeness.  Deals only last 2-3 days, so get it before it's gone!

As a new stay at home mommy, we are on a BUDGET. I still love boutique items, so what's a girl gonna do? 
That's why I love Storefront Deals. 
Boutique items + discounted price = happy mum
Take a gander, lovelies! 

ALSO, they are looking for vendors! So if you own a shop contact's a win win for both of you. 

Thank you StoreFront Deals for sponsoring akupofkatie
We are THRILLED to welcome you to our home.


  1. Congratulations! I'm excited to check them out!

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