August 19, 2013

Too many probablys!!!

Here's what's going dowwwnn in the Gum's abode today...

I probably shouldn't write now because it's going to be random but...oh well. 

Ireland and I just got back from a lovely play date with some new friends. 
Here's how crazy blogging is... while at the mall last week a gorgeous young mommy saw me in the elevator (I'm realizing elevators are the place to meet moms if you need mommy friends!) and asked if I blogged. Naturally I said yes, and we began chatting. She had followed me on instagram and on my blog and recognized me from the "cyber world" of social media. 
As a blogger this is a BIG step for me! She was embarrassed but had no reason to be. That morning I was frustrated and overwhelmed with blogging and BAM a total stranger said she loved reading MY BLOG. 
My new friend, you don't know how encouraging our elevator talk was!
Well, we aren't strangers anymore! 
We just had our first play date...and it was lovely. 
I look forward to more!
I probably should have taken pictures but I forgot.
OOPS...oh well. 

I've said so many "probablys" (not a word, I know) today. 

Such as...I probably should have worked out today...oh well. 
I probably shouldn't let Ireland sleep in her car seat right now...oh well. 
I probably shouldn't be drinking an extra cup of coffee right...oh well. 
I probably shouldn't have added so much creamer to my coffee because it is white...oh well. 
I probably should have blogged earlier today...oh well. 
I probably should make the bed and do the laundry...oh well. 
I probably should brush my teeth. JUST KIDDING!
I probably should print and sign all my documents to substitute teach...oh well. 
I probably shouldn't look at instragram, facebook, and twitter again because NOTHING new is on there...oh well. 
I probably should stop writing.

She is PROBABLY the cutest baby around town. 
( I have to say that, I'm her MOMMY!)

Happy MONDAY! 
(wait, it is monday, right?)

Humor me and tell me your probablys today!!!
Comment below, pretty please?!


  1. I should probably shower....oh well.
    I should probably stop pinning....yikes
    I should probably take nala on a walk....maybe
    I should probably get moving on a whole lot...
    I should probably unpack my suitcase, do laundry, etc. OH WELLSY

    happy monday pretty!!! xoxo can't wait to see you thursday <3

    1. and she def. is the cutest baby around town (and she's not even mine) haha

    2. hehe oh ky THANK YOU for commenting and making me laugh! SO glad I'm not the only one. XOXOXOXXOOX

  2. Love it! I could list a ton but ill leave you with this... I guess maybe its s reverse probably? I probably should not have finished off our wedding cake on our anniversary... Oops. Operation lose baby weight starts tomorrow! Lol happy Monday! Made me second guess that too!

  3. I probably should not be reading your blog at work... :)

    I probably should work out tonight...

    I probably did not need that Caramel Frappachino...with whip! :)