August 31, 2013

Wedding Shenanigans!

Well hello Saturday readers! This shall be short and sweet! Last night we celebrated Mark and Katie as they said "I Do". It was a lovely evening! I missed my baby girl but it was so wonderful to slow dance and be silly with my hot date. Weddings always remind me of our vows ...I like to squeeze him extra tight and give my thanks to God for blessing me with such a fun man. Here's some pictures! I'm signing out for the parents (Opa and Bibi) are in town for the weekend. We are celebrating Ireland's baby dedication tomorrow. See you Tuesday!!

I got called Sarah Palin all night! I knew when I left the house that I looked like her, I'll take it! I had lots of questions about my dress...29.00 bucks at Forever 21! Score!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! BE SAFE! 

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