September 7, 2013

A lesson on Forgiveness...from a baby!


Decaf Columbian coffee is percolating this gray afternoon.

I sit, waiting, fatigued.
 Ireland has finally rested her eyes after a long afternoon. The poor girl! I dragged her all around town running errands, losing track of time. Her sobbing in the back seat quickly alerted me that it was FAR past her feeding. I couldn’t race home fast enough, feeling like the BIGGEST failure every quarter mile driven and every gag in the back seat.
Upset was an understatement.
It broke my sensitive heart.
Listen up, though.
I’m about to tell you the prettiness in all of this.
As I jolted in the driveway and ran in the house feeling flustered and manic, Ireland immediately stopped crying and smiled.
I mean HUGELY smiled.
I knew in that very moment I was forgiven.
She’s 15 weeks old, how does she know a thing about forgiveness?
As parents and adults we sometimes think we have it all figured out.
In all reality these innocent infants are the ones to study.

Whether she knew it or not, she taught me.
As exhausting and confusing as motherhood can be, I’m forever thankful for these little lessons that move me.
Girl, you’re moving mountains.

Sweet Ireland, forever teach me.


“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will be harbor his anger forever.” –Psalms 103:8-9

Do have anyone you need to forgive? Are you harboring anger?
It’s hard to forgive; it’s harder to not.
It’s time. 


  1. Sweet girl! She knew you needed that smile even more than she needed to eat! Sorry you girls had a rough afternoon. There will be plenty of those, but they still find ways to show us that everything is ok. Just when we need it most! You're doing great Mama! She is one lucky girl. :)

    1. Thanks're the best at making me feel better!!!