September 18, 2013

Boutique GIVEAWAY!!!!

I've been waiting to post this ever since I laid my hands on Five Gates Boutique's goodies!

Thanks to Jasmyn Smith from Picalily Photography for these amazing photos. 
Jas never ceases to amaze me in her work. When with her, she always makes me feel so special.
Don't miss the exciting news at the bottom of this post!
The Five Gates Boutique models are Ireland, Sylas, and baby William...darling, right?
All accessories and leggings are handmade by Five Gates Boutique!

If you follow me on instagram you've seen I've been posting adorable bows and head wraps...all the credit goes to Five Gates Boutique!

Listen up! 
Kayla is the designer of these trendy kids clothing and guys...she has FIVE girls under EIGHT! Somehow she has time to crank out amazing clothing; I can't help but SWOON when I see baby iiley in them. 

The other day we were at Target and baby girl had people staring and asking me WHERE I GOT THE HEAD WRAP.... I love that they are handmade and different than what you see at the stores...and they fit SO much better.
I wore the adult head wrap all day and never got a headache!
The leggings are so soft AND most are gender neutral.
She now offers 100% organic cotton and they are so cute I can't take it. 
She makes ties, bow ties, bows, head wraps, leggings, baby hats, and ADULT head wraps. (I haven't taken mine off since I got it!)

Here is just a preview of her stuff...I'm going bananas!

Don't live in Las Vegas? No sweat. She ships! She loves custom orders and does all her ordering through instagram. It's so easy!
If you see something you want just leave your paypal email on her instagram and she will send you the invoice. OR email her at if you have questions. 

The best part, other than the darlingness, she charges less than those expensive ones on Etsy. Can't beat that! 

We are SO excited to announce our GIVEAWAY! If you win you will receive a custom order! Either baby leggings/bowtie for boy, baby leggings/head wrap for girl, or TWO adult head wraps. 
(excluding the organic cotton!)
Good Luck! 

And even better....

Mention akupofkatie and get 10% off your total order! YIPPEE!!!

it keeps going....

Just for the cherry on top Jasmyn Smith, from Picalily Photography, is offering 10% off with a mention of akupofkatie on ANY PHOTO SHOOT!!!! Christmas cards are around the corner, y'all. She's in popular demand so GET ON IT before she fills up all her slots!
Contact her at:

I love when I can share cute things with you readers. I hope this is useful for future gifts, your own children, or for YOURSELF! 

Enter the raffle for the FREE GIVEAWAY!!!
The more you do, the better chance you have of winning!
Tell all your friends, too!

Behind the scenes...

Good Luck!


  1. okay Ford NEEDS to win this!! Suspenders...bowties...ahh! And Iley is such a great model! Gorgeous like her mama

  2. Thinking baby Kenley and I both need some cute head wraps!!! I'm in LOVE!! ❤❤❤

  3. Christian would love a bow tie!!! :) Although...gotta admit I wish he was a girl so he could have a head wrap!! lol

  4. She is the cutest model! I love the leggings and headband combo!!

  5. I entered the give away and I would love to win some of these for my granddaughter or heck for myself,they are adorable.Thank you for bringing this to us!Someday I will be able to be known by my name on here and not unknown.

  6. I really love the adult headwraps! and the kiddie ones are totally adorable! would love win and show off these amazing creations! and the babies are the cutest things ever! Your daughter is soo cute!!

  7. Hi,

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