September 20, 2013

Her name was Mia.

Dearest Ireland,

I want to document life for you because I know you'll never know or remember these times. One day you'll ask me "what was I like, mom?" We'll have these memoirs to help reminisce. Big or small, these moments are precious and as your proud mother, I want bury these treasures to dig up in the future.

Her name was Mia. 

A scientist.

From St. Louis.

You were 16 weeks and 1 day old. 

You made her cry.

She spotted you while boarding the plane; we all were in transit to San Diego. 

It was you and me.

I was so proud to carry you in the airport, to call you mine. 

I chose a window seat near the wing in the plane because I knew I would need to nurse you flying up and flying down. 

Mia kindly asked if she could sit by YOU. 

I was glad it was a nice female not a cologne smelling business man whose belt looked too tight and whose cell phone was splattered with saliva. 

She was warm and to be honest, I was a little nervous to manage you solo. I love you, but, you're still a curious and sometimes fussy infant. 

You were perfect. 

You nursed and popped up wide-eyed and starred fixedly at Mia, the scientist. 

She smiled and followed with a smile. 

You liked Mia the scientist and boy did she like you!

Mia told us She had three children, 6, 4, and 2. 

I began sharing with Mia the scientist how incredible motherhood is. I told her how its unlocked a love I saw in others, but never felt myself. I never understood but was so thankful now to see life...through a lens of a mother.

YOUR mother, Ireland. 

As we spoke you laid your tiny head and body on my chest. It was evident that you were ever so cozy. 

You kept a gaze on Mia the Scientist and repeatedly smiled. 

She smiled back, every time. 

Conversation began to dull.

I was enjoying your peacefulness. 

I gazed out at the clouds, and your kept gaze with Mia, the scientist. 

I peered back at her, and her eyes were glossy with tears. 

You made her cry. 

A happy cry. 

Your smiles. 

Our love story.  

A witnessed mother daughter relationship .

Mia the scientist was touched. 

There was no explanation from Mia the scientist. There didn't need to be. 

We all knew there was so much love above 10,000 feet that early morning in the clouds.

Being a mommy is hard sometimes. I worry and panic about not doing things "right" or stress about not getting anything done. 

As you laid on my beating heart, bringing another mother to tears, I realized I'm doing everything right. I'm loving you, you're loving me, and we're loving others.

Mia the scientist felt the same. Without ever speaking of it, I knew she struggled with the same worry and panic. All mothers do. But all mothers need to know that there is no right, other than fiercely loving our children.

She saw the challenges I was facing learning to be a mommy. The challenges that you too will face. Motherhood is the hardest job you'll ever love. And it comes with the greatest love you can ever imagine. 

A love Mia noticed, high in the sky. 

You made her cry. 

And I thank you. 

You've got my whole heart. For such a tiny person you posses so much grace. 

You and your Daddy are the best parts of me. 

I'm so blessed to be a mommy. 

Your mommy. 

Blessings sweet little daughter of mine.

Let's vacation!

<3, mommy 



  1. So sweet Katie! I think you're going to make a lot of people cry today after they read this! xoxo

  2. this was so beautiful, and I couldn't agree more - the greatest gift my parents ever gave me was love!! Ireland is so lucky to have a mom who loves her so much and you're lucky to have that beautiful little blessing who loves you so so much. Lots of love - enjoy your vacation!