September 4, 2013

Ireland's Baby Dedication

First and foremost a huge gigantic thank you hug to my parents who came to visit and my in-laws who let us use their home...all to celebrate Ireland's big day! And thank you to all our family and friends who made us feel so incredibly special. We truly feel your love and appreciate YOU!

At our church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, we dedicate little ones; the child dedication is truly a parent commitment service. It is the parent's promise to offer their child to the Lord and to dedicate themselves as their child takes their first steps into the walk of faith. 

As Ireland's parents, this is a big deal for us! We verbally committed with family and friends to raise her in a Christian environment. We vowed to lay a firm foundation of learning about God and to teach her how much he loves her. We believe that we cannot decide her salvation but we can teach her and be examples to her and when she is ready she can make the decision to accept Christ has her savior. We believe that baptism does not MAKE you a believer-- it shows that you ARE a believer. 
We look forward to facilitating this relationship so one day, she will want to show the world that she IS a believer. It is by grace we are all saved, not by works. We comfortably know she's under God's spiritual care AND what else could we ask for, right?
We commit and pray for Ireland and promise to love her toward a personal relationship with Christ. 

We held baby Ireland and said: 

"To the best of my ability, I will keep these promises I have just made, but most of all, I promise that I will point you to God, so that one day you will understand how much you matter to him."

We didn't choose to do this because you HAVE to. Together, we can't imagine a life with out a relationship with God. Life is so much happier with God!
We love our graceful God and pray we can lead Ireland to love him, too. 
This was a BIG DAY and we are ever-so-thankful for his greatest gift, our sweet iiley grace. 

If you have any questions about God, ask. 

Here is some pictures! And a few from the fun weekend with my parents...