September 9, 2013

Lucy Darling Giveaway and Product REVIEW!

I'm so excited to bring you some of the CUTEST products around. 
Introducing...Lucy Darling Shop!
When I first set eyes on Lucy Darling I fell in love! 
You see, I've been using monthly stickers for Ireland's monthly photo shoots but they are basic, boring, and well...not that cute.  
Lucy Darling's products are fresh, current, pretty, fun, and so much more!
My favorite part?
They don't offer JUST monthly stickers. They have milestones, first holidays, pregnancy, and lots of other cute and funky goodies for the nursery.
Today I am featuring the milestone and floral monthly stickers. 
Thank you Lucy Darling Shop for the amazing products. 
I can't wait to freshen and dazzle Ireland's monthly photos!
 (I'm and super stoked to use them for holidays AND milestones!)
And the best part for you, readers, is a giveaway! 
Use the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post to enter and win a FREE sticker set!
 Don't have a baby? 
Who cares...these are the PERFECT gift. 
They are affordable and in my opinion, the cutest stickers and nursery items out there. 
Check out their website and see for yourself!
 Stay tuned because you will be seeing Lucy Darling stickers quite often over the next year!

All Lucy Darling products are printed right here in the US of A...I love that!
When working with Lucy Darling they were nothing short of fabulous; reliable, timely, and ever-so-sweet. 
What more can you ask for?
Excellent affordable products backed by a lovely company. 
I'm sold.
Please share this's worth it! 

PS! Thanks to Daddy for your help!


  1. Aren't they? Do the raffle so you can WIN some!

  2. Cute! I'm glad to see she has boyish styles too!

    1. I know! It makes me really want a wittle man :]

  3. These are SO ADORABLE... but not as adorable as little Illey girl

  4. On another note...that pic with daddy and baby is sooo precious! I like that Ireland is already watching the Packers!! ;)
    -Michelle ♡

  5. She is seriously SO cute! I love blue eyed babies!

  6. those stickers are adorable and so is the model! ;)

    1. Thank you, Whitney. Stay tuned because another giveaway is set for tomorrow!