September 27, 2013

My Favorite Gluten-Free must haves!

My sister has kindly alerted me that lately all I've written about is mommy-hood!
Not a bad thing, She tells me, but there is a lot more to me than a Christian mom-blogger. 

True dat. 

So today I bring you some of my FAVES in my gluten-free shopping cart. 
I've been gluten-free for a year and a half now and I feel better than ever!
People often say that Gluten-free is just a "trend", and I agree. 
But if it's a trend that makes you feel better, what's the problem?
That statement annoys me, so for those of you who haven't been tested but are thinking about going GF, good for you! Don't listen to those goofballs!

If you want to read about my journey to going "GF" and why I choose a GF lifestyle, type CANDIDA on my left sidebar under search. It will direct you to several blog posts about my health!


Gluten-free really ain't so bad, especially now-a-days. The key is to be prepared and knowledgeable. I can pretty much find something to eat no matter where I go. 
***I must add, I do not have celiac disease***
With that, I will take a few sips of the hubs beer, occasionally eat ONE chicken wing, eat some asian food with soy sauce (rarely), or use dressings that could contain gluten (if I have to).  
I never eat bread, pasta, pizza, or cereals unless it is gluten-free. 
Cross-contamination doesn't have huge effect me so I can use the same toaster as MVP and store food in the same pantry. 

I often receive emails about the basics of gluten-free living, because it can be very daunting at first. 
It feels as if LIFE IS OVER. 
Have faith in yourself, you CAN do it. 
Soon you will get so used to GF living that you will rarely miss the glutinous goodies!

Potatoes, quinoa, rice, corn tortillas, WINE.
Fruits and veggies and pretty much all meats (minus meatballs!)
Eggs, cheese, beans, tortilla chips, WINE! WINE! WINE! hehe. I love the gluten free beer, too!
Before you spends a ton of money on gf products, start with the basics and look through what you already have. My favorite gf bread is Udi's, or Rudi's and you find it in the freezer section. Udi's makes excellent cookies, muffins, bagels, just about anything! Gluten free soy sauce is called Tamari and I cook with that weekly. (lots of chicken bowls with rice!) I also bring it with me if I want sushi For salad dressings I use balsalmic and olive oil or buy a gf one.
The best restaurants for gluten free are MEXICAN!
STAY AWAY from bread, cereal, flour products, sauces tend to use flour UNLESS it is gluten-free.

Gassy friends, I hope this helps you!!!



  1. My husband's dad is gluten intolerant so my hubby has tried to wean off the gluten products as well. I acutally like gf breads and things..I found these really awesome animal crackers too that are gluten free..its hard not to eat the whole box ha!
    The Blessed OCDiva

  2. We went Gluten free for a few months to see if that was what was making my husband sick (it wasn't), but I didn't feel like it was that hard of a transition! Probably because there are so many amazing gluten free recipes and products! And I actually experienced much less bloating that normal when I was gluten free. Now I try and just limit my gluten and it works well for me :)