September 17, 2013

Operation: turn into a stay-at-home-mom

This is a fairly meaningLESS post but who cares, right?
If MVP and I were to play a game and had to answer random questions, there is no doubt about it, this is how they'd be answered.

Who is better at math? >>>>> MVP
Who is more creative? >>>>> KATIE
Who usually does the laundry? >>>>> MVP
Who makes most of the messes? >>>>>KATIE
Who cleans up those messes? >>>>> MVP
Who picks up dog poop? >>>>> MVP
Who gets the mail? >>>>>> MVP
Who scrubs the toilet? >>>>> MVP
Who cleans the shower? >>>>> MVP

I'd lose by a long shot. 
Well suckas, those days are OVER!
Someone has crawled into my five-foot body and TAKEN OVER. 
Mess never bothered me; now I go bonkers (I accidentally just wrote boners!) if the house is messy let alone dirrrtttyyy

Point of this whole ridiculous post that no one really cares about? 
I SCRUBBED DOWN yesterday. 
I dusted, scrubbed baseboards, floors, laundry after laundry....and more!
I'm actually sore from head to toe!
It was one of those days in which all I did was scrub, nurse, and went to TOWN on the shower floor. Okay okay,
 I karaoked (it's telling me karaoked isn't a word) with my vacuum and danced my BOOTY off, too! Pitbull is where it's at. 

I was SWEATY and smelled like grime but OH I feel better. 
Operation: turn into stay-at-home-mom is coming along quite well.
Say it ain't so?

You like it when I'm "real", right? 
It doesn't get more real than that hideous picture ^. 

On a softer note. 
It's important for me to show the real stuff
My house is never perfect, I always have a to-do list, and I certainly cannot do it all. 
MVP and I DO argue and I DO have road rage. OOPs.
We all have corners in our life that aren't balanced and I look up to people who are so much better than me. In some strange way I actually enjoy displaying the imperfect rather than perfect. 
Imperfect is my normal, and I'm quite comfortable there. 
So, make yourself at home...should you DARE.


My heart is heavy today for those who were shot yesterday at the Navy Yard.
Perhaps because I'm a gun shot wound victim as well, shootings always make me ache. 
I'm trying to handle the ache with prayer rather than fear. 


I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her. 


  1. you go girl! We had a similar day yesterday... Ford would only sleep on my chest so I put him in the ergo and was able to vacuum, mop and clean bathrooms while he napped. Funny how my feelings of productivity have no changed being a stay at home mommy! Best and hardest job out there!

    1. Well it's confirmed. If we lived in the same city we could strap on our babies and clean house with each other! Then make dinner and pack it to go home. Productivity? HA! I'm happy if I brush my teeth, hehe. Remember praying about me staying home months ago? I feel SO blessed. Thanks for your prayers, sweet friend. XOXOX.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I'm still working part time for the fact of staying sane. (Talking to an 8 month ol all day kinda does that to ya) But I seriously can't keep out house clean. Well, my Husband and his best friend live here as well.. So any time I get the kitchen sparkling or the living room clean.. Either my Husband or my child makes a mess again.
    I have a daily house keeping list on my blog.
    I've tried to follow it.. By it doesn't always happen.
    Motherhood is rough andsometimes you need to just enjoy the nap time as a mommy time and sit on your bum while watching bad TV! Lol
    Keep going girl.
    Soon enough ill be a full time SAHM.

    1. Hi Nicole!! I love that housekeeping list! I need that! I'm usually the messy one around here. OOPs! Thanks for your comment... I love your blog!

  3. How can you not love that sweet face?! ;) And that picture of you is not hideous!

  4. You know what? That laundry will still be there the next day ,but the first time that Ireland turns over or crawls or walks won't happen again.So who cares if your house isn't spotless? You are doing the most important job in the world and that is caring for that angel.When my girls were babies my favorite little rhyme was this:
    "go away cobwebs ,dust go to sleep,
    I'm I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep"