September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11

Isn't it amazing how we can remember traumatic days so vividly?
I can close my eyes and smell, taste, see, and hear every thing about THAT day. 

That day was a horrible day.

I remember my Mom's shaky voice yelling, "Girls! Come here, now!" 
Hugging, we held each other tight and watched the second plane hit on live TV.
I was confused and knew so little at 13. 
Who? Why? What?
My sister and I prayed in the car on the way to school.

I was sitting in geometry honors watching my teacher fight tears while watching the news.
You see, a teacher at my high school, Barbara Edwards, was in the plane that hit the pentagon. 
We didn't learn anything educational that day, rather, how to sit in silence and mourn for those who need it most. 
My geometry teacher was very close to Barbara and although he wasn't certain of her death that early morning, I could see it on his face that he knew
He knew, I knew, we all knew
I never told him but he held it together so well; he was a strong teacher and took care of us wee little freshman that day. 
The hours dragged on. The following morning, after confirmation of her death, they announced it over the intercom. Later my high school held a memorial service for her; it was intense and memorable.

Where were you? 

May we all take a moment of silence to remember those lives who were lost and the families that remember this day, every day. 
Join me in prayer over our nation, too?

Words that I'm focusing on today: empathy, rejoice, prayer. 


  1. that was beautiful Katie.Thank you! and may Barbara Rest in Peace with our Lord.