October 11, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 11!

Focusing on the 5 senses this month has been freeing and frustrating

Every day has been with intention to focus on something normally unseen or unheard or untouched or untasted or not smelled. 

Somedays I seem to allow normal life to still display the norm. My intentions are present, but I'm not really executing the task as wished. 

I'm having grace on myself. They call this a challenge for a reason


Today, all 5 senses are so vibrant. The patterns of my daily life exist yet I'm noticing the camouflaged.


And the best part? 

It's effortless. 

I feel like I'm cryptically living. 


My five senses are roaring like a lion transmitting so much JOY in the ordinary. 
The colors seem brighter and the words seem sweeter. 


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