October 13, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 12!

awwww crap. 

I skipped a day! 

My head hit the pillow last night and I quickly realized I didn't blog. 

I was wayyy too tired to care.


So my forgiving readers, I'm making up for it now!

Oh hear me on this one...

Worry. Guilt. Worry. Guilt. Confusion!

All this parental decision making is throwing me in a tizzy!

Last week was filled with research, blogs, books, and grannie advice.

All helpful but oh-so-confusing. 

Until this weekend Ireland was strictly breastfed, meaning no formula or baby food. 

MOST babies begin baby food around 6 months; Ireland is 4 and a half months.  

After much late night reading I discovered She's showing many of the signs that she is ready for food. 

I didn't expect her readiness to come up this soon. 

I mean, didn't I just pop her out?

When did she reach big girl status?

Remember how I was expressing my worry?

As a mommy I worried so much about if she was really ready. I was afraid because wasn't 6 MONTHS, like MOST babies are. 

I wanted answers to my whys and everywhere I looked, it only left me more confused. Everyone has so many opinions and reading them did nothing but stress me out!

Mama instinct is no-joke y'all. 

I knew she was ready but boy I was such a pansy! 

We fed her!

It was so fun, cute, enjoyable, easy, and wonderful to see my little growing girl hit this milestone. 

What a beautiful thing, right?

All too often we mama's worry wayyyy too much. My mom's best advice was to listen to the "old grannies" and so far...she's absolutely correct. 

Again, after much reading and mostly instinct her first food was ba-ba-bananers with br-br-breastmilk! 
We skipped the rice cereal and went straight for the sweet yummy stuff. 

She wasn't too sure about the texture and most of it ended up on her hands, cheeks, and clothes but WE DID IT! 

Her Daddy and I are SO proud and sooo blessed!

Here's some video and pictures of this fun adventure. 

Talk about 5 senses!

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