October 20, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 17!

I've got to catch up here...two three days behind and trying still truckin'.

I've kinda sorta ditched the whole 5 senses thing. 
I'm still paying attention to it but seriously struggling with things to write about on that topic. 
It's a challenge enough to blog every day let alone on one topic. 
So forgive me sweet readers, I'm blogging about anything and everything!

MVP and I have this sick wonderful curse to travel. E V E R Y date night is pretty much consumed with conversations of past travel and dreams of future destinations. 
It's an obsession, really. 
Confession: I get SO SO SO jealous when my IG feed is overloaded with traveling people. We've done extensive travel but enough is never enough. I drool and mourn over other travelers when I'm at home cleaning dishes. I should be happy for them, but really I want to punch them. 

(did I just say that?) 

Really, some investor should pay us to travel. I mean, really, we could document our journey and make loads of money...somehow. It's a win/win, right?

Any takers?


Well the good thing for us is we do have some future travel plans. 
Cow-wa-bunga! (no stinkin' clue how to spell that)

Hear hear!

Girls trip for ME in San Clemente!! (9 friends from college...CAN'T WAIT!)
LA/SD for Thanksgiving!

San Diego

San Diego

Big Bear, CA

Austin/Dallas, TX 


Orange County/San Diego for BFF's WEDDING!!!

Where should we go?
Here's our possibilities:
Costa Rica, Peru, Caribbean, Hawaii, Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Canada, New York/DC.

We have 8-9 days to travel in July. We're leaving the little peanut with grandparents (nervous already!). 
We know how important reconnecting is and how special it is to share memories just as husband and wife. As much as we will miss our little lady, we are looking forward to some marriage TLC to celebrate 7 years together...3 years married! 

Fellow travel connoisseurs ...ideas?! 

Keep in mind we've already tiptoed across Western Europe, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. We don't want to go any farther than Eastern Europe for such a short time period. 

I look forward to your suggestions! 


We once slept on a bike rack, on a train, while backpacking.
Tire marks were present.
No joke.

 In case you weren't sure if it was possible to moon walk in a 4 x 4, it is. 

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  1. My suggestion is Banff in Alberta, Canada! We went there in July '11 for our 1 year anniversary. Seriously one of the most peaceful and pretty places on earth. Also the beer and food is amazing!

  2. omg how fun! we are also taking a big anniversary trip next summer (8 years, 5 married!) and I'm thinking Peru also. Perhaps we'll bump into you at Machu Pichu? haha Ireland is also on the list, and I will definitely be hitting you up for tips if we decide on that one!