October 24, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 20!

Yeah yeah's actually day 24 and I'm still on day 20. 

Oopsie daisy! 

I'm continually inspired by others, especially through social media. There's a constant debate over social media pros and cons, but, I continually feel so inspired. There is so much room for creativity and love. I agree, it's not always used in the best capacity, however, I daily come across something or someone speaking loud and clear. I love being inspired! I soooo often see people speak of love, particularly Jesus' love. (did I do that apostrophe correctly?) 

It's incredible how many people one can reach! 

I'm going to start posting (hopefully weekly) of people and posts that inspire me through instagram. Today, is the first. 

Meet Whitney Darling. 
She's a dear friend. 
She's also my wedding photographer. 
She's an expecting mother. 
She's a lover of the Lord. 
Right now she is backpacking Europe (while pregnant!) with her husband. 
She's a gem for many reasons but mostly because she so colorfully expresses her love for Jesus. 
Not because she want you to know she loves him, but because she wants you to love him, too.
She is nothing short of wonderful, but, witnessing her love for others and Jesus, is what truly makes her so bright. 
If you don't already, follow her. 
Take caution, her words and stories may soften you. 

Today she posted THIS. 

"not so that you yourself think you are good, but so that in the truest knowledge of your weakness or depravity, would know that I, YOUR GOD, despite all, am still good, and you my child are someone I choose to share good with."

God has gifted this girl with words and She's using her gift for good. 

I often feel there is such a race to have THE MOST followers. Instagram can be filled with so much envy and jealousy, right? What if we started complimenting, learning, and allowing inspiration to move us? What if we used our platforms to continually inspire others; not for self-gratification rather an outpouring, overwhelming, humble LOVE for others? 

When I read Whitney's post above, I was so touched. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to sock-her-one for:

  a. drinking coffee in Italy
b. being so dang adorable
c. writing so beautifully 

Let's be real. With all my being I had to fight being jealous and envious of HER. Don't lie, you're fighting it too! But that's not what God wants for us. Her message, so lyrically written, is so powerful. Let's focus our energy less on jealousy and MORE on the fruits of the spirit, particularly, showing love. 

You in?

Now. Inspiration can occur in so many platforms. Fitness, fashion, food, you name it. Spiritual inspiration is wonderful, but, not the ONLY outlet for creativity. 

One can show love in all that they do. 

I felt this was necessary to say because just this morning I posted a selfie on instagram. (you old folk, a selfie is a term used when taking a picture and posting it of yourself!) In the blogosphere, I follow (and laugh!), with @livinginyellow. She's a GREAT blogger. She's been hosting a hashtag #LIYlookoftheday. 

Her blog marketing and creativity is fantastic!

Her hashtag is fun and I enjoyed being a part of it.

I posted my first #LIYlookoftheday on instagram and I'm totally okay with it. I think selfies are perfectly acceptable so keep em' up! 

Here's to loving and inspiring through our social media outlets. 
Let's love ourselves, too! 

Lastly, I'm over the G R A Y in our home. Thinking of painting a pale blue. I saw this on a commercial...what do y'all think of the wall color?

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