October 29, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 24

This post is 100% a rant. 

You see, there is this thing that is fricken painful. 

My eyes are tearful. 

My face is distorted. 

It makes my toes curl (and NOT in a good way!). 

It's super hard. 

And, red like a large plump tomato. 

Can you guess it yet?

Listen up...I have the BIGGEST zit/pimple/mountain/volcano on the side of my nose. 


Pregnancy did wonders for my face. After my first trimester I had GREAT skin, better than I've ever had before. 

I don't know WTF is going on but my GOLLY I'm breaking out like crazy... all the sudden. But the weird thing is its not the normal breakouts. 

This THING is alive. 
Uh uh sister, I ain't joking! This thing has a PULSE. Literally. 

Okay not a pulse, but, it's THROBBING like its afraid! 

I tried squeezing it.
It made me whimper and squeal and jump up and down. 
I wanted it to be the kind that felt soooo good to pop. 
Like the kind that splats on the mirror, you know.
(Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!)
But this sucker just bled down my face, right in my mouth. 


You think I'm kidding. It made my face SWELL all way up to my eye. I keep telling MVP it's a bug bite and he just laughs at me. Dang it! He's well aware this is a full blown volcano (that isn't exploding, only growing!) and I'm just trying to convince myself that its NOT acne. 


You know the "MOLE" in Austin Powers?
I feel like no one can look at me...just at this LIVING organism growing out of my nose crevice. 

What the heck do I do?

More than that, what IS this? 

It's just getting hard and now feels like a pebble is stuck under the skin. Anyone down to surgically remove it for me? 

Let's pray for my pimple. 
It's in some SERIOUS distress. 


This is actually a good picture, kid you not.

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  1. haha….my pimple remedy is tooth paste… it has to be the white not the gel or baking powder mixed with water it helps to dry out the pimple.

  2. Tooth paste! It helps the redness.. And honestly, hand sanitizer. No joke.
    My skin has been breaking out randomly and bad ever since I had Joseph! Ugh! I feel your pain.
    Apricot scub had helped me a lot and aveeno face wash!
    Good luck girl! Maybe it's just from our hormones getting back to the swing of non pregnant life lol.


  3. OWWW that does look painful.I will echo the other ladies on the toothpaste.I have also heard that an aspirin scrub helps .You take uncoated aspirin and water and use it as a light scrub but it can dry out your skin so only use it when you are having bad break outs.Good luck to you Sweetie!