October 5, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 5!

Brisk air, fall is here!
I shall try to rhyme on my blogosphere.

You see as of late I've been quite busy, 
This whole "back to work" is throwing me in a tizzy. 

Staying at home has been such a blessing; 
I will work two days a week now to eliminate the stressing. 

We want date nights, trips, and not TV dinners, 
So a little extra cash will make us budget winners. 

I'm ever so thankful for a God who provides, 
who holds our hands as we take these new strides. 

He hears our cries and faithfully answers our prayers, 
I'm okay with less and old kitchen chairs. 

5 days staying home and 2 days working, 
is a healthy balance, that will keep me from twerking. 

The joys of parenthood are so vast and so great, 
an amateur poem I know won't translate. 

I've been intricately focusing on the 5 senses, 
It's been protecting me from the worlds current offenses. 

Government issues and terrorism, too?
It's too much for me, I'd rather focus on hue. 

I've been tasting richer, and smelling away, 
I've been touching and seeing, and hearing child's play. 

It's really powerful when you stop and smell the roses, 
The sensory explosions right under our noses. 

I must admit, this #31day challenge is hard, 
it's forcing me to grow and put down my guard. 

Humble me oh lord, over the next 26 days, 
Show me your world so I can give you the praise. 

You're mighty and strong and I pray for the reveal, 
of the sensory journey in small things like a meal. 

I love you, oh father, let me notice the sensational,
 for I know your gifts are the very foundational. 

I especially appreciate the creator of rhymezone, 
without you, this poem would have completely cycloned!

This was fun; shall I do once more?
Give me feedback, readers, so I don't make you snore!

I'm off to enjoy a coffee date with a friend, 
Happy Saturday, y'all, this is THE END!

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  1. You're a poet for sure! Loved this! ��❤️ Are you back to teaching?