October 6, 2013

#31day October writing challenge >>> Day 6!

I'm sooooo tired! 
I told MVP I was going to skip today's writing challenge...he gave me the "schpeel" about how I'll say, "I should have just written it". 
He's right. He's always right, dang it! 
So here I sit, eyes barely open, exhausted from a really awesome day. 
It was was a sensory overload kind of all the best ways. 
Lots of hugs, delicious junk food, new sights, garden smells, and sounds of good conversations. 

Before I go ANY further...

Happy Birthday to my loving Mother-in-law, Roxy!!
I love you just like my very own mom. I am sooooo blessed to know you AND call you mom. Thank you for ALL you do...we'd seriously be LOST with out you. Ireland AND Halo are lucky to call you Yaya, and they both send you huge birthday kisses! You are probably the most giving and selfless person I know... I only hope I can one day cook as good and have as much energy as you! I love you, I love you, I  love you!

Celebrating YOU was a B L A S T!!!

I can't think anymore...I'm GOING TO BED!!!!

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