October 7, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 7!

How do you define wellness?

Wellness has knocked on my door quite frequently over the last year. 

Although I'm far from conquering the wellness mountain, I'm climbing.

I'm a wishful granola, foodie, fitness guru, and Christian missionary. 

 I desire spiritual, physical, and emotional balance. 

Not perfection or mastery in all areas but a healthy balance

What are your wellness desires?

Now that I'm not working and now that I'm a Mommy, I have such a strong curiosity about overall wellness. 

Learning about food and eating colorful food has been SO enticing. 

I never had the time to really prepare dinner let alone enjoy the preparation. 
It feels refreshing to desire balance...and find balance.
Living with less money has had HUGE advantages for our family, and it starts with myself. 

A happier me directly correlates to a happier family. 

And it all comes down to balance

I still struggle. I still stress. I still worry. I'm still insecure.

But, happiness is alive and kicking at a much faster pace!

So as you know I've been writing about the 5 senses under the #31day writing challenge of "food, health, and wellness". 

Today is about food and wellness which stimulates those sensory explosions

In the coming months I will begin making Ireland's baby food. I've been researching and reading SuperFoods for Babies and Children by Annabel Karmel.  I'm learning so much...for myself! It talks A LOT about the benefits of colorful foods and how they supply the BASICS for overall...can you guess?? WELLNESS! 

Seems obvious but in all reality, I'm not eating all the colors I need. 
I eat mostly from the green, white, and some blue. I realized I hardly ever eat from the orange! 

What about you?

I've really been attempting to expand my horizons and learn to cook with more colorful foods. Now that I have time (I'm still battling the no-energy-new-mom thing), and less stressed brain, it's actually been F U N! 

Now now now. I'm not feeding you a bunch of you shoulds and you should nots. I hope you see this as informative, honest, and possibly helpful? 

There are a lot of blogs out there that make you feel super crummy because you're not doing what their doing. Please if you're walking away feeling that way, that is not what I'm trying to convey. 

I am, however, trying to say I'm in search for wellness and here is some cool stuff I found to help me. 
If you feel a little conviction to do the same, I'm okay with that. 
The lack of wellness was extremely convicting in my life and I want to be a healthier Mom and wife. 

A balanced mom and wife. 

And, I feel GOOD!

I want you to find balance and wellness, too!

I just love this picture above! These are the fresh picked veggies from the Gilcrease Orchard we went to yesterday. 

I think it's dazzling. 

See my orange and yellow??? 
The Gums family will be eating our vitamin A this week! 

I'm thinking of making sweet mashed potatoes. Sounds warm and filling and not too "granola"
I'm all about eating healthy but tasty!
Wish me luck in the kitchen...we all know it's not my forte. 
( that the right word and spelling?)

Day 7 is DONE! Only 24 to go!

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