October 8, 2013

#31day October Writing Challenge >>> Day 8

Chop Chop Chop!

I cut my hair. 

It feels spicy & sassy!

I've MVP has wanted me to go short for awhile now...I've been a big fat WUSS!

I finally grew some balls and decided it was time.

You know that nervous/excited feeling in your tummy?
It is sorta like an adrenaline rush?
I'm a wannabe adrenaline junkie so it was so FUN to feel that nervousness again.

I'm pretty obsessed with Julianne Hough and I totally copied her hair. 
No shame in that, she's a BEAUTY! 

Thanks to my amazing hairdresser and friend, Jessica Tidwell, she copied it so well! 

I'm still adjusting to the change and have no clue how to style it but I'm feeling refreshed! 

We didn't budget for color this month so that shall wait! hehe. 

The top right is my before and the bottom two are after. 
Here's a few shameless selfies just to show you the do!

Bangs pulled back...

Such a tiny pony!
(literally took walking out the door!)

Jess is offering... 

{for new clients only}

Jess does GREAT hair but she also does eyelash extensions and gel nails!
Text or call her at 702.378.0864 to book today!

Happy Tuesday, guys!

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