October 14, 2013

#31days October Writing Challenge >>> Day 13!

Hello again, pretties!

Still making up for my missed post...

If the wittle bebe stays sleeping, than you can keep reading!

This weekend was another happy one! 
I can't tell you how often this girl makes us smile and laugh! She is such a trooper! She went to church, an arts festival, a bar, and running. She likes to hang with the big kids. 
Yee haw! 

We ended our Sunday with a sunset run. 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE working out with my man?
Sexy sexy! 

Who else is watching Amazing Race? 
It's our show...

No really, it's OUR show.

I need to devote an entire blog post to Amazing Race!

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Happy Birthday to Ruthie Hart! We met as bloggers and are now dear friends. Much love to you today Ruthie Mama!! 
Go visit her blog and give her some lovin' today! 

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  1. Ah, I wish that I could enjoy working out with my husband!! That's a wonderful picture of your family run :)